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A look back at the sprint car winners during the local racing season

Brent Marks is shown here after his win Saturday night at Lincoln Speedway.

The local outdoor racing season has drawn to a close, and it’s time to look back at the racing action over the year. This week, a look at the biggest sprint car winners of the season.

On the local circuit, the biggest winner was Brent Marks. Marks won 14 times this season with 11 of those wins coming at local ovals. It was a year of changes for Marks and his team. He started the season in the CJB Motorsports car, but that pairing didn’t last long. Marks was back in his family owned car before the season really got going.

But, that’s when Marks really got going. Along the way he won three races at BAPS Motor Speedway, two each at Williams Grove, Port Royal and Selinsgrove, with single local victories at Lincoln and Path Valley.

Marks also won at Eldora, Ohio, Cherokee, South Carolina, and Charlotte, North Carolina, this season. At the end of the season his team picked up a new co-owner and things are looking bright for next year.

Central Pennsylvania Champion Anthony Macri, of Dillsburg, was next on the local win list. Macri won 13 features on the year, with nine of them coming in local 410 sprint car races. 

Dillsburg driver Anthony Macri poses in victory lane at Port Royal Speedway after won the sprint car feature on Saturday. Macri won his third straight race at the track on Wednesday night.

He won four times at Port Royal, twice each at Williams Grove and Selinsgrove and once at Bedford. He won two races on the road at West Virginia Motor Speedway and topped it off with single 360 sprint victories at Port Royal and Bridgeport.

Veteran driver Lance Dewease and his Hall of Fame team owned by Donnie Kreitz Jr. and wrenched by Davey Brown, kept things interesting in the win column with eight wins this season. Dewease won four times each at Williams Grove and Port Royal. He was the Williams Grove champion.

Freddie Rahmer won six races this season. Four of those wins came at Lincoln where he was the track champion for the second year in a row. The other two wins came at Williams Grove where he finished second in points to Dewease.

Danny Dietrich’s five wins ranked fifth on the list. He won twice at BAPS and had single victories at Lincoln, Selinsgrove and Port Royal. Dietrich also claimed the Pennsylvania Speedweek title.

All told for the season, there were 42 drivers who won races in the 96 races that were hosted by 12 local tracks.

On the road, Hanover driver Logan Schuchart had an eight-win season. Schuchart won twice in the early season at Volusia, Florida, and had single wins at Devils Bowl, Texas, Silver Dollar, California, Eldora, Ohio, Grays Harbour, Washington, Jackson, Minnesota, and Bridgeport, New Jersey.

Kyle Larson celebrates his World of Outlaws win on Friday night at Williams Grove Speedway.

Local legend Larson: Also of note, the sixth-biggest winner on the local ovals was NASCAR champion Kyle Larson. Larson won four local races this season with two at Williams Grove and one each at Port Royal and Grandview. Larson also won five or so other sprint car races this season to go along with wins in Midgets and late models.

Add all of that in with his 10 Cup point wins and his Cup All-Star race win and Larson had quite a season, with multiple wins in many varied forms of racing. A true all-around race car driver.

All-Star regular Justin Peck also scored four wins on the local ovals this year. Driving for the Brownstown based Tom Buch team, Peck won twice at Lincoln and once each at Williams Grove and Port Royal.

Three drivers won three times on the local tracks. Port Royal champion Logan Wagner won three times there. Tyler Ross won three times at Lincoln, and York’s Chase Dietz won twice at Lincoln and once at Selinsgrove.

In 360 sprint competition, wingless drivers Alex Bright and Briggs Danner top the win list. Bright won the USAC East Coast 360 sprint title with 11 wins, while second-place Danner had nine wins.

Mark Smith also scored nine winged 360 sprints wins this year scattered all up and down the east coast. Ironically Smith’s only local win of the season came in a 410 sprint car race at Kutztown and he was using a 360 engine that night.

Williams Grove 358 sprint champion Derek Locke was the big winner in those cars with eight wins. All eight of those wins came in the eight 358 races held at the Grove this season.

Second on the 358 win list is Lincoln and Trailway champion Steve Owings. Owings won seven races with five at Trailway and two at Lincoln.

2022 schedule drops: Williams Grove has released it’s 2022 schedule. 

Opening day is set for Sunday afternoon March 13. Sprints and wingless super sportsman will race at the Grove that day. The schedule calls for 31 sprint car races this season.

The World of Outlaws visit three times with two days of racing on each visit. The All Stars visit four times, and the USAC national 410 wingless sprint series returns.

The 358 sprints will be the regular second division at the Grove with eight appearances, including several special events.

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