Familiar name again on top of York County bowling average list for 2020-2021 season

Adam Baer, seen here in a file photo, posted the top bowling average in York County for 2020-2021 at 246 at Hanover Bowling Centre.
  • Adam Baer paced all York County bowlers with a 246 average in 2020-2021.
  • Baer accomplished the feat over 98 games at Hanover Bowling Centre.
  • It marks the fourth time in five seasons that Baer has led the county.

Adam Baer is the leader of the York County bowling pack — again.

Baer paced all county bowlers with a 246 average for 98 games at Hanover Bowling Centre during the 2020-2021 season.

It marks the fourth time in the past five seasons that the big right-hander has led the county. 

"The feeling never gets old," said Baer. "You always want to do your best. It's gratifying to post the highest average because there are so many great bowlers in the county."

Baer is one of five county bowlers to average 240 or better for the 2020-2021 season. The others are Eric Smith (244), Mike Spangler (241), Jerred Poff (240) and Paul Wolfram (240).

Baer said it takes hard work, dedication and knowledge to average 230 or better, which 42 county bowlers did last season.

"It's a long season (typically 33 to 36 weeks) and you have to be amazingly consistent to be among the highest average bowlers," he said. "Anyone who averages 230 or better doesn't have many bad weeks."

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Baer added that being able to read the lane conditions and adjust to them is another key factor.

"You have up to 10 bowlers competing on the same pair of lanes. They all have different styles and use a variety of balls. This affects the lane condition, and you have to factor that into how you adjust."

 While ball technology has greatly improved over the years, Baer, a five-time BowlerMaxx York County Match Play champion, said the top bowlers know what balls to use and why.

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"I try to identify the ball that will allow me to play the widest area and gives me the most pin reaction," he said. "My ball of choice changes depending on the lane conditions."

Baer said high-caliber bowlers learn to balance the fun atmosphere of a league with the intense concentration needed to excel.

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York County Men

Top Averages for 2020-21

(Minimum of 60 games)

Each bowler is listed with his average, his total number of games and his center:

Adam Baer, 246, 98, Hanover Bowling Center.

Eric Smith, 244, 90, Suburban Bowlerama.

Mike Spangler, 241, 93, Suburban Bowlerama.

Jerred Poff, 240, 87, Suburban Bowlerama.

Paul Wolfram, 240, 102, Suburban Bowlerama.

Chad Ruby, 238, 93, Suburban Bowlerama.

Jeff Gibson, 237, 96, Suburban Bowlerama.

Josh Coleman, 236, 93, Hanover Bowling Centre.

Benjamin Lamb, 236, 98, Laser Alleys.

Brandon Maxfield, 236, 96, Suburban Bowlerama.

Chuck Crone, 235, 104, Suburban Bowlerama.

Kevin Sollenberger, 235, 93, Suburban Bowlerama.

Kevin Appnel, 234, 102, Suburban Bowlerama.

Kevin Bandrowski, 234, 80, Laser Alleys.

Steve Carbaugh, 234, 81, Hanover Bowling Centre.

Rick Graham, 234, 96, Colony Park North.

Chris Green, 234, 90, Suburban Bowlerama.

Zachary Ilgenfritz, 234, 87, Suburban Bowlerama.

Thomas Keller, 234, 84, East Lincoln.

Ritchie Wolfe, 234, 87, Suburban Bowlerama.

Andy Carson, 233, 112, Colony Park North.

David Dusman, 233, 66, Hanover Bowling Centre.

Tim Zelger, 233, 99, Lion Bowl.

Chris Bowlin, 232, 90, Hanover Bowling Centre.

Jacob Hawkins, 232, 60, Colony Park North.

Adam Mobley, 232, 90, Hanover Bowling Centre.

Mike Staub, 232, 90, Hanover Bowling Centre.