New Yorker wins PBA East Region event at Colony Park North, but Yorker nearly steals show

Zach Gentile is shown here with Terry Brenneman after Gentile won the Professional Bowlers Association Bowlers Supply/Storm Open at Colony Park North Lanes on Sunday. Brenneman is the proprietor of Colony Park North.
  • Zach Gentile won the PBA Bowlers Supply/Storm Products Open at Colony Park Lanes North on Sunday.
  • It was Gentile's first PBA East Region championship.
  • York's Scott Schnur Jr. finished in ninth place in the event.
Scott Schnur Jr.

Zach Gentile of Modena, New York, captured the Professional Bowlers Association Bowlers Supply/Storm Products Open at Colony Park Lanes North on Sunday.

Scott Schnur Jr. of York, however, almost stole the show.

Gentile, a 28-year-old right-hander, edged Tom Sorce of Blasdell, New York, 190-187, in the championship match. He collected $2,600 for the win, which was his first PBA East Region title.

The 23-year-old Schnur finished in ninth place and earned $800. He advanced to Sunday's finals after qualifying 16th in a field of 92 bowlers. 

"I didn't expect to win my first title this quickly," Gentile said. "This is only my third PBA East Region tournament. I was just hoping to make the top four. It was a tough grind today, mentally and physically."

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Gentile serves as a good role model for Schnur, who is looking to build on the success he enjoyed over the weekend. Gentile knocked Schnur out of the tournament in a second-round, best-of-three-games matchup.

The York right-hander downed Gentile, 252-207, in the opener, but lost the final two games, 200-167 and 233-162. Schnur downed Ryan Graywacz of Canastota, New York, 2-1, in the first round.

"This was an amazing experience and a special weekend," Schnur said. "It's the first time I have cashed in a PBA East Region tournament. I just tried to stay patient, let things come to me and not get ahead of myself."

Although his performance gave him a gigantic boost of confidence, Schnur's feet remain firmly planted on the ground.

"I'm only 23," Schnur said. "I have so much to learn and so much growing to do. There are a lot of things I have to practice more. Competing against bowlers of this caliber and on these challenging lane conditions is a learning process. But, I know I can bowl with these guys."

The lane conditions were very demanding on Sunday. As a result, the scores were relatively low and there was an abundance of splits.

Splits plagued both Gentile and Sorce in the championship match. Both bowlers suffered splits in the second and seventh frames. The difference was that Gentile converted the 2-4-10 split in the second frame, while Sorce was unable to convert either split.

"Making the 2-4-10 in the second frame changed everything," said Gentile, who followed it with a pair of strikes. "I was going for the 2-4, but I got lucky and also got the 10-pin. I shot a lot more splits than I wanted to this weekend."

Gentile and Schnur both plan to compete in the PBA East Region tournament in Frederick, Maryland, in two weeks.         

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