York County bowler defies astronomical odds during 'insane' night at Suburban Bowlerama

  • Airville's Scott Daryman recently rolled his first two 300 games consecutively.
  • He accomplished the feat on Monday, Jan. 18, at Suburban Bowlerama.
  • Daryman averages 208, but on Jan. 18 he finished with an 815 three-game series.
Scott Daryman

Does anyone know a phone number for a Las Vegas odds maker?

His expertise would greatly enhance this article.

After all, how do you calculate the odds of a bowler, who averages 208, rolling his first and second career perfect games back-to-back?

That's what Scott Daryman, a 39-year-old right-hander, accomplished at Suburban Bowlerama on Monday, Jan. 18.

While you can find the odds for rolling a perfect game (11,500 to 1 for the average bowler), you can't find the odds for what Daryman did. And, for good reason. It's kind of like calculating the odds for the Pittsburgh Pirates winning back-to-back World Series.

Daryman, an Airville resident, is believed to be the first York County bowler to achieve the feat.

"It was insane," said Daryman, who started the night with a 215 game. "I couldn't believe it was happening. Getting my first 300 made my night, but the strikes kept coming."

Daryman, who had never rolled more than 10 strikes in a row, tallied 24 consecutive strikes. 

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After rolling their first perfect game, most bowlers are emotionally drained, relieved to have survived the pressure and ready to relax.  Daryman was an exception.

His strategy during his strike streak was one of distraction. 

"I tried not to focus on my game too much," he said. "I was talking to one of my teammates about getting a new bowling ball and other things. Anything to take my mind off what I was doing on the lanes."

Daryman, who has been working on his consistency and ball speed, said he wasn't sure he would ever record a 300 game, much less two in a row.

"I was so relieved to get my first perfect game," he said. "No matter what happened the third game, I knew I already had a very satisfying night."

As the strikes continued to mount, Daryman felt like he was trapped in a dream. When he reached the 10th frame, everyone stopped bowling to watch him. At this point, he also had the possibility of rolling his first 800 series.

Feeling more pressure than ever, Daryman tried to ignore the crowd and repeat his shot.

He crushed the final three strikes to complete an incredible night. Afterwards, he received plenty of high fives and congratulations.

"I was definitely keyed up for a couple days," he said. "My first two 300s and an 815 series really boosted my confidence.  I know I accomplished a rare feat, but my head is still the same size."

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