Jacobus man flirts with York County series bowling mark, but stubborn 7-pin ruins chances

  • Paul Wolfram recently had a chance to break York County high-series bowling record.
  • In the final frame of his third game, the Jacobus man needed three strikes to set the mark.
  • A stubborn 7-pin refused to fall on his first ball of the final frame, ruining his chances.
Paul Wolfram

When Paul Wolfram picked up his bowling ball from the ball return to begin the 10th frame of his third game at Suburban Bowlerama on Monday, Nov. 23, he knew he had a rare opportunity.

Wolfram, a 44-year-old southpaw, needed three strikes in the 10th frame to set the York County high-series record with an 890. The record of 889 was set by Jerred Poff in 2017.

Three more strikes was certainly in the realm of possibility. After all, he was riding a streak of  20 consecutive strikes and he had recorded 32 of 33 possible strikes during the series. He opened with a 300 game and followed with a 290 game with one blemish, a spare in the first frame.

"I was locked in, and I had definitely found my line," the Jacobus resident said. "I was focusing on one strike at a time. I wanted to throw each ball in the 10th the same way I had thrown the last 20 shots."

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Wolfram had been texting his friends, including Poff, throughout the evening, keeping them posted on his assault on the county record.

Drama ends suddenly: With practically every league bowler watching him, the drama ended suddenly on the first ball in the final frame. A stubborn 7-pin halted his record-shattering drive. Naturally deflated, Wolfram took a couple of seconds to compose himself and converted the spare. He closed with a 9-count to finish a 278 game and a career-high 868 series.

"It was a solid 7-pin," he said. "The ball didn't hit the pocket great, but I was hoping the pins would mix it up and take out the 7-pin. But, you can't be disappointed with an 868."

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Wolfram, who averaged 241 last season, said extra adrenalin and some nerves probably caused him to rush to the line, throwing off his timing slightly.   

"Just having an opportunity to set the county record was monumental," he said. "It would have been the coolest thing in the world if I had. It was an unbelievable feeling."

Wolfram has established himself as one of the county's premier bowlers since moving here from Long Island in 2014.

The high-scoring lefty still has some lofty goals. 

"I would love to get another shot at the county record," he said.  "And, I would like to average 250 for a season."

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