Perfection personified: York County husband, wife each roll 300 games on same night

  • Windsor's Chelsea Poff rolled her fourth 300 game on Oct. 29.
  • That same night, her husband, Jerred Poff, also rolled a 300 game.
  • Both perfect games were rolled at Colony Park Lanes North.
Chelsea Poff

On Thursday, Oct. 29, Jerred and Chelsea Poff had a doctor's appointment to find out the sex of their third child, which is due in March.

The news that a third daughter was on the way lifted their spirits. The Windsor couple didn't think their day could get any better, but it did.

That night, while competing in the Raymond Sneddon Memorial League at Colony Park Lanes North, the Poffs each rolled perfect games. They became the second York County husband and wife to accomplish the feat. Travis and Jen Sparks were the first.

"It was an awesome day," Jerred said. "It's one we won't forget. We had a rare opportunity on the lanes, and I'm glad we were able to take advantage of it."

Two-handed York County bowler accomplishes his mission — a perfect game

The Poffs, who met while bowling on the Pennsylvania Junior Bowlers Tour as teens, compete on separate teams. Chelsea was bowling on lanes 31-32, while Jerred was on lanes 21-22.  In the first game of the evening, Chelsea, who averaged 220 last season, reeled off the first nine strikes.

Jerred Poff

A friend informed Jerred that Chelsea had the possibility of rolling a 300 game. At the time, Jerred had the first eight strikes. He started to go down the concourse to watch his wife bowl, but a teammate cautioned against it, saying he might jinx her. After her 11th strike, however, he couldn't resist.

He stood in the crowd and watched Chelsea deliver a solid shot on her final ball to register her fourth 300, and her first in about five years. Chelsea and Jerred hugged in celebration as the crowd cheered. Then Jerred returned to his lanes, looking to extend his strike streak.

With Chelsea in the crowd cheering him on, he rolled his 11th strike. 

After nearly 70-year wait, York County bowler finally rolls first perfect game at age 82

"I really wanted this 300, probably more than any other one," said Jerred, a 238 average bowler who has lost count of how many perfect games he's rolled. 

By this time, a huge crowd had gathered around his lane. When his final ball sent all 10 pins flying, Jerred raised his arms and burst into a smile as wide as a 7-10 split. The crowd erupted, and once again, he and Chelsea hugged to celebrate.

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"The amount of support from the bowlers was incredible," Chelsea said.

"That was my most emotional 300 in a long while," Jerred said. "It was a different kind of pressure, and the perfect game had a special meaning. It was a memorable night for me and Chelsea."

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