Two-handed York County bowler accomplishes his mission — a perfect game

  • Nick Ryncewicz recently rolled a 300 game at South Hanover Lanes.
  • The 20-year-old Hanover man is a two-handed bowler.
  • He is hoping his accomplishment will serve as an example to others.
Nick Ryncewicz

Nick Ryncewicz has been on a mission since he started to teach himself how to bowl two-handed about five years ago.

His mission: Roll a perfect game and set an example for other fledgling two-handers.

The 20-year-old Hanover man accomplished his mission on Sept. 26, when he tallied a 300 game at South Hanover Lanes.

"As one of the first two-handed bowlers in the area, I never saw a two-hander roll a perfect game. Now, I hope junior bowlers can use me as an example. My message to them is to stick with the two-handed method. It may be frustrating for a while, but once you master it, a lot of good things can happen."

While the number of two-handed bowlers in the area is steadily growing, they are still in the vast minority. The right-hander modeled his two-handed game after the Professional Bowlers Association's Osku Palermaa of Finland. Other two-handed bowlers on the PBA Tour include Jason Belmonte, Anthony Simonsen, Jasper Svensson and Kyle Troup.

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 "I watched a lot of YouTube videos," said Ryncewicz, who averaged 207 in a junior league last season. He recently moved up to an adult league.

As a two-handed bowler, Ryncewicz holds the ball with two hands, using his left hand as a guide. He holds the ball in both hands all the way through his push away and back swing. His left hand doesn't come off the ball until the very end of his approach.

He adopted the two-handed method in an effort to elevate his game by increasing his rev rate and power.

After nearly 70-year wait, York County bowler finally rolls first perfect game at age 82

Ryncewicz's first 300 game came at an unexpected moment. He was a last-minute substitute in the Saturday Mixed League and only had time to roll one practice ball. After registering the first 11 strikes in the second game, he told himself: "Just get the ball down the lane." The result was a solid hit and a perfect game.

"That took a weight off my shoulders," he said. "Now, I can focus on getting my first 800 series."

His high series is 780.

Besides improving his own game, Ryncewicz is interested in helping others learn the two-handed method, or enhance their two-handed game.

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