In season of firsts, York bowler Mike Spangler averages 250 to lead all York County men

  • Mike Spangler led all York County male bowlers with a 250 average in 2019-2020.
  • The 32-year-old right-hander registered that average over 84 games at Suburban Bowlerama.
  • Spangler is just the fourth York County bowler to average at least 250 over an entire season.
Mike Spangler

Mike Spangler recorded two personal firsts during the 2019-2020 bowling season. 

The 32-year-old finished with the highest average in York County and he became just the fourth York County bowler to average 250 or higher.

The York right-hander averaged 250 for 84 games at Suburban Bowlerama. He joins Josh Coleman, Jerred Poff and Adam Baer in the elite 250 circle.

"It's cool to lead the county in average because there are so many great bowlers. But, I never thought I would average 250," he said. 

Although the season was suddenly cut short because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Spangler said he never had any thoughts about sitting out the final weeks to protect his 250 average.

"I was committed to bowl every week, regardless of my average. Everyone knows it's extremely difficult to average 250, but it's all about the team, not the individual," he said.

A quick start to the season pushed Spangler near the 250 mark, but his average dipped to 243 in the last third of the season.

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"You have to be so incredibly consistent to average 250," he said. "That's a 750 series each week. You can't afford to have many bad games or bad weeks."

Spangler said he put too much pressure on himself to maintain a 250 average and that caused his average to drop. 

"I told myself to just relax, and my average started to rise. I also got some new equipment and that helped," he said.

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Even though he has a long list of impressive achievements, Spangler still has a goal he would like to accomplish.

"I would like to win the York County Match Play Championship again (he won it in 2016)," he said.

Only four bowlers have won the tournament more than once in its 25-year-history.

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Top Bowling Averages for 2019-20

(Minimum of 60 games)

Each bowler is listed with his average, the number of games he bowled and the center where he bowled.

Mike Spangler,                       250                     84                 Suburban Bowlerama

Ritchie Wolfe                          248                     75                 Suburban Bowlerama

Josh Coleman                         245                     75                 Hanover Bowling Centre

Adam Baer                              242                     78                 Hanover Bowling Centre

Eric Smith                               242                     84                 Suburban Bowleram

Paul Wolfram                         241                     72                 Suburban Bowlerama

Kevin Appnel                         239                     78                 Suburban Bowlerama

Chris Green                             239                     84                 Suburban Bowelerama

Justin Mong                            238                     87                 Colony Park North

Jerred Poff                              238                     87                 Colony Park North

Kevin Sollenberger                237                     75                 Suburban Bowlerama

Justin Emig                             237                     75                 Suburban Bowlerama

Rick Graham                          237                     84                 Colony Park North

Corey Lipford                         237                     84                 Suburban Bowlerama

Chuck Crone                           236                     84                 Suburban Bowlerama

Greg Bruff                              236                     60                 Suburban Bowlerama

Troy Lehigh                            235                     78                 Colony Park North

Chad Ruby                              235                     78                 Suburban Bowlerama

Matt Schaszberger                  234                     60                 Suburban Bowlerama

Andy Carson                           234                    102                Colony Park North

Kyle Jameson                         234                      69                Suburban Bowlerama

Steve Carbaugh                      234                      84                Hanover Bowling Centre

Bill Kuntz                               234                      69                Suburban Bowlerama

Corey Stevenson                     234                      84                Suburban Bowlerama