York County brothers Justin, Joey Mong each achieve bowling perfection during same match

  • Justin and Joey Mong are on the same team on Thursdays at Colony Park North.
  • The brothers recently recorded 300 games on the same night and in the same match.
  • Justin finished the night with a 784 series, while Joey finished at 783.
Justin Mong

It's something that brothers Justin and Joey Mong always wanted to do, but, they knew the odds were against them.

"We always wanted to roll 300s in the same game," says Justin, who bowls on the same team with Joey on Thursday nights at Colony Park Lanes North. 

Recently, the Mongs came close to achieving their goal. Although they failed to notch 300s in the same game, they did achieve perfect games in the same match on the same night. Joey recorded his 300 in the second game, while Justin duplicated the feat in the third game.

It was Joey's third perfect game and Justin's 29th.

"We knew rolling 300s in the same game would be the ultimate, but rolling them in the same match is still impressive," said Joey, a 33-year-old right-hander from Dover. 

"It was definitely a cool night," said Justin, who averaged 236 last season.

Joey started to think about the possibility of a perfect game in the eighth frame. He started to take deep breaths between balls to calm his nerves and slow himself down. Joey admitted he was still nervous and emotional before rolling his last ball. 

Joey Mong

"The ball didn't feel good coming off my hand, but it looked good when it hit the pins," said Joey, who averaged 218 last season.

As soon as the final pin hit the deck, Joey gave hearty fist bumps to all of the onlookers.

"Joey put the pressure on me," confessed Justin, a 37-year-old left-hander from Red Lion. "I wanted to match Joey, but I had to be careful not to get ahead of myself. I definitely wanted a 300 game a little more because of what Joey had done."

Even though Justin has a long list of 300s, he admitted he was nervous in the 10th frame. The veteran bowler, however, calmly delivered three solid strikes to match his brother's feat.

It was a good night for both of the Mongs. Justin rolled games of 230, 254 and 300 for a 784 series, while Joey posted games of 258, 300 and 225 for a 783 series.

When the monitors flashed the series totals, Justin said the real fun began.

"I just had to rub it in on Joey that I beat him by a pin," he said. 

Nothing like brotherly competition.

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