Eastern York grad sees her Olympic boxing dreams take major hit with loss vs. No. 1 seed

Danyelle Wolf, left, throws a punch during training. Wolf is competing in the 2020 U.S. Olympic Boxing Team Trials from Dec. 7 to Dec. 16 in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

Danyelle Wolf's hopes for a 2020 Olympic berth at the Tokyo Games took a major hit on Friday.

Wolf, in the winners' bracket final of the 152-pound class, suffered a 5-0 unanimous decision loss to top-seeded Oshae Jones in the double-elimination U.S Olympic Boxing Trials in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Jones, 21, is the three-time reigning national champion.

The 2002 Eastern York High School graduate now faces a daunting task to earn her coveted Olympic berth.

The No. 3 seed will need to win on Saturday vs. No. 8 seed Briana Che and then beat Jones two times in a row, once on Sunday afternoon and again on Monday afternoon, to earn the Olympic berth.

Following a transition to mixed-martial art after her 152-pound weight class wasn’t added to the 2016 Olympics, Wolf had been 5-0 in her return to boxing — before losing to Jones. 

To qualify for the Olympic Team Trials tournament, Wolf had to win three fights after training for just a month in March. 

The three-time national boxing champion then won her first two matches at the Olympic Trials before losing to Jones on Friday.