Jen Sparks' 227 average leads all York County female bowlers during 2018-19 season

  • Jen Sparks' 227 bowling average led all York County women in the 2018-19 season.
  • It's the third time in four years that Sparks had the top female scoring average.
  • Stephanie Whipple-Miller and Jackie Jameson were second and third, respectively.
Jen Sparks

Jen Sparks was slightly surprised to find out she posted the highest average for York County women bowlers during the 2018-19 season.

"I knew I was having a good year, but I didn't know how well the other women in the county were doing," said Sparks, who averaged 227 for 136 games at Colony Park Lanes North. "I really believed it was going to take a 230 average to lead the county."

This marks the third time in the past four years that Sparks, a 31-year-old right-hander, has recorded the highest average for county women.

"It's always nice to have the highest average," she said. "There are a number of excellent women bowlers in the county who are capable of averaging 220 or higher."

Sparks' average is even more impressive because she accomplished it in 136 games, almost double the number of games of her closest competitors. Since Sparks competes in a doubles league, she rolls four games a week instead of the customary three games.

Stephanie Whipple-Miller and Jackie Jameson, who tied for the highest average for the 2017-18 season, finished second and third, respectively, this past season. Whipple-Miller posted a 224 mark for 72 games at Suburban Bowlerama, while Jameson finished with a 221 for 72 games at Suburban Bowlerama.

Women showing improvement: Sparks said an encouraging sign is that 15 women, a number of whom are in their 20s, averaged 200 or higher. 

Five women, who averaged 200 or higher, increased their average by 10 or more pins. Jen Schaffer led the way, increasing her average by 24 pins. Her average jumped from 194 to 218. Other double-digit jumpers include: Brittany Ilgenfritz (+15), Jennifer Desautels (+13), Cheyenne Shoemaker (+11) and Morgan Daub (+11).

"It's good to see new names on the list of the top-average bowlers," Sparks said. "York County has a lot of talent on the lanes."

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Top averages for 2018-19

(Minimum of 66 games)

Each bowler is listed with her average, number of games and center.

Jennifer Sparks, 227, 136, Colony Park North.

Stephanie Whipple-Miller, 224, 72, Suburban.

Jackie Jameson, 221, 72, Suburban.

Jen Schaffer, 218, 66, Suburban.

Becky Daigle, 214, 84, Colony Park North.

Kristen Gessner, 214, 90, Hanover.

Cheyenne Shoemaker, 214, 93 , Suburban.

Morgan Daub, 213, 89, Suburban.

Melissa Myers, 212, 102, Hanover.

Samantha Schnur, 211, 93, East Lincoln.

Brittany Ilgenfritz, 209, 102, Suburban.

Jennifer Desautels, 206, 93, Suburban.

Chelsea Poff,  204,  93, Colony Park North.

Amy Hoff, 202, 96, Suburban.

Adrienne Delozier, 201, 108, Hanover.

Brenda Danfelt, 199, 90, Colony Park North.

Kaitlyn Nicewonger, 197, 96, Suburban.

Tara Musselman, 196, 66, East Lincoln.

Brandy Waltersdorff, 196, 102, Colony Park North.

Chyanne Shoff, 196, 93, Suburban.

Wendy Topper, 194, 87, Hanover.

Stephanie Schultz, 193, 84, Suburban.

Catherine Kreider, 192, 108, Colony Park North.

Katelyn Musselman, 192, 99, East Lincoln.