Adam Baer averages 250 for season at Hanover Bowling Centre, joins elite York County group

  • Adam Baer averaged 250 for the 2018-19 season at Hanover Bowling Centre.
  • He becomes just the third bowler in York County history to reach the milestone.
  • Eric Smith just missed the 250 milestone, averaging 249 at Suburban Bowlerama.
Adam Baer

Adam Baer averaged 250 for 96 games at Hanover Bowling Centre for the 2018-19 season, becoming just the third York County bowler to average 250 or better for a season.

Baer, a 37-year-old right-hander from York Springs, joins Josh Coleman (252 in 2014-15) and Jerred Poff (250 in 2015-16) in the elite group.

"Averaging 250 means a lot," Baer said. "When you consider how few people have done it in York County, you realize how difficult it is. When you average 250 to 255, you are among the highest average bowlers in the country."

Averaging 250 is a testament to a high-level of consistency. 

"It's more than one good night," Baer said. "You have to average a 750 series for the entire season. If you leave a 7- or 10-pin at the wrong time, you easily end up shooting 720. You almost have to roll 10 strikes a game."

With a month remaining in the season, Baer's average stood at 249. That caused him to focus a little more and make sure he limited his spares.

The achievement lifted Baer's spirits.

"Recently, I've gotten some passion back for the game," he said. "And, this definitely helped. I have started to enjoy the game more."

Eric Smith

Eric Smith at 249: While Baer gained membership into an elite group, Eric Smith missed entry by a whisker. The 35-year-old smooth right-hander from Dallastown averaged 249 for 87 games at Suburban Bowlerama.

Smith was averaging 250.06 before the final three games, which came in a league roll-off. He rolled a 702 series that night and his average dipped below 250. He could have chosen to sit out the final three games, but decided against it.

"I'm not disappointed," Smith said. "My team was in a roll-off and I was going to be part of the team. If my team is competing, I'm going to be there."

Smith said, at the time, it was uncertain whether the roll-offs would count toward the final league average.  But, he said it didn't really matter because he was going to bowl anyway.

"I plan to average 250 or higher this year and be the top dog," Smith said. "So, we won't have to worry about any decimals."

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Top averages for 2018-19

(Minimum of 66 games)

Each bowler is listed with his average, number of games and center.

Adam Baer, 250, 96, Hanover

Eric Smith, 249, 87, Suburban

Josh Coleman, 247, 99, Hanover

Paul Wolfram, 243, 75, Suburban

Jeremy Haines, 240, 102, Hanover

Steve Carbaugh, 239, 102, Hanover

Kevin Appnel, 237, 99, Suburban

Terry Miller, 237, 72, Suburban

Chris Bowlin, 236, 105, Hanover

Rick Graham, 236, 112, Colony Park North

Justin Mong, 236, 136, Colony Park North

Matt Schaszberger, 236, 84, Lion Bowl

John Jameson, 236, 104, Colony Park North

Collin McClane, 235, 96, Suburban

Cory Stevenson, 235, 96, Suburban

Joe Andreone, 234, 87, Suburban

Jacob Hawkins, 234, 99, Suburban

Chad Ruby, 234, 96, Suburban

Zach Ilgenfritz, 233, 99, Suburban

Bill Kuntz, 233, 90, Suburban

Adam Mobley, 233, 105, Hanover

Robert Myers, 233, 96, Suburban

Matt Nease, 233, 93, Suburban

Jerred Poff, 233, 105, Colony Park North

Joe Pickett, 233, 102, Hanover

Jimmy Plessinger, 233, 81, Suburban

Greg Raber, 233, 66, Hanover