Bowler Adam Baer rolls his 100th career perfect game at Hanover Bowling Centre

  • Local bowler Adam Baer recently rolled his 100th career 300 game.
  • Baer achieved his milestone at Hanover Bowling Centre.
  • Baer also has 74 800 series during his bowling career.
Adam Baer

At first, it seems like a typo: 100 perfect games.

How can that be?

Rest assured, it's no typo.

Adam Baer, a 37-year-old right-hander from York Springs, recently notched his 100th perfect game at Hanover Bowling Centre in southwestern York County on Sept. 5.

Every bowler dreams of rolling a 300 game, but duplicating the feat 100 times is almost beyond imagination.

"It feels good," said Baer, after stringing together 12 strikes to reach triple digits. "Everyone knows it's easier to roll a 300 game today, but achieving it 100 times isn't easy."

Baer rolled his first 300 game on Dec. 5, 1998, also at Hanover Bowling Centre. He figures he has recorded a perfect game at seven or eight different bowling centers.

Baer, who averaged 250 last season, said his strengths are his power, high-revolution rate and his ability to create carry where others can't.

"Adam is the best we've seen in a long time," said Mike Bair, the proprietor of Hanover Bowling Centre and a former professional bowler. "He has a lot of confidence and ability. He knows how to read lanes and understands ball technology."

To put Baer's achievement in perspective, his four teammates in the Thursday night league, all of whom average 217 or higher, have 65 perfect games combined. His teammates and their number of perfect games are: Adam Mobley (37), Mike Staub (12), Adam Fodor (9) and Dan Noel (8).

Teammates are impressed: Bowling with Baer, who also has recorded 74 800 series, week after week, has left his teammates impressed.

"Adam is the model of consistency," Staub said. "He never gives up. He stays focused and serious."

"Adam has a great mental game," Mobley said. "He has won a PBA regional title, and I think that gives him more confidence. I think he definitely has a mental edge."

Fodor said: "Doing what Adam does year after year is tough. He's averaged five perfect games a year for 20 years. And, there were a couple of years early in his career when he didn't roll any."

"Adam is awesome," Noel said. "You just don't hear of many bowlers with 100 perfect games."

Baer said rolling a 300 game or an 800 series never gets old. 

"I never thought beyond 100 perfect games," he said, when asked about his future goals. "But, if I never roll another 300 game, that will be OK."

Given his track record and his age, that's highly unlikely.

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