Thanks to chiropractor, Glenville's Brent Hunter earns second PBA50 regional championship

  • Glenville's Brent Hunter recently earned his second PBA50 East Regional bowling crown.
  • Three visits to a chiropractor helped Hunter overcome an arthritic left knee.
  • Hunter collected $1,500 for his win. He beat Lancaster's Rick Graham in the final, 232-187.

Bothersome knee pain almost kept Brent Hunter from competing in the PBA50 East Region Tournament at Pete Bryan's Bowling Center in Laurel, Delaware, late last month.

Brent Hunter

Three trips to a chiropractor in a week, however, paid off for the 58-year-old Glenville resident.

Before visiting the chiropractor, Hunter couldn't bend his arthritic left knee and he walked with an awkward gait. 

After the visit, Hunter was relatively pain free, and he not only competed in the Professional Bowlers Association event, he captured his second PBA50 East Region title by defeating Lancaster 's Rick Graham, 232-187, in the championship match. Hunter also collected $1,500 for the victory in the tournament for bowlers 50 and older.

"My knee felt good during the competition," he said.  "I've been bowling decently, and this is a big boost to my confidence."

First title came seven years ago in York: Hunter won his first PBA50 East Region title seven years ago in York. Adding a second title  gives his first victory more credibility, he said.

"Sometimes, that first title is a fluke," the veteran right-hander said. "But, it means a lot when you add a second one. I think the second title is usually a little more difficult."

Road to the title: Hunter qualified 10th in the recent PBA50 East Region event. He advanced to the semifinals with best-of-three victories against Daryl Bower of Harrisburg and Terry Wiley of Vienna, Virginia. In the semifinals, he defeated Gary Faulkner of Norfolk, Virginia, 216-209.

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Graham advanced to the final by defeating 12-time PBA champ Danny Wiseman of Baltimore in the semifinals.

"Rick did me a favor by defeating Wiseman," said Hunter, who averaged 241 in match play. "Danny is always a tough competitor."

Title match was close until the end: Hunter said his 232-187 win over Graham was closer than the score indicates. The match was fairly close until Graham missed a spare in the eighth frame and then struggled in the 10th frame.

"I was relieved when the match was over," Hunter said. "It was definitely a good feeling. Needless to say, I was happy I could bowl relatively pain free."

If his knee holds up, Hunter plans to compete in the PBA50 East Region event at Frederick, Maryland, on Nov. 17-18.

This story was provided through the York County Bowling Proprietors Association.