Alley Oops team from Suburban Bowlerama improves on its own York County record

  • The Alley Oops team at Suburban Bowlerama recently broke its own York County record.
  • The team piled up 3,064 pins in the Yorktowne Match Play Classic League.
  • Eric Smith led the way with an 824 series, including consecutive 300 games.

The Alley Oops team is at it again.

The Suburban Bowlerama foursome recently raised the York County record for a four-man team, which it had set in February.

The Alley Oops team includes, from left, Tanner Laughman, Eric Smith, Jacob Hawkins and Paul Wolfram. The team recently rolled a 3,064 series at Suburban Bowlerama, which improved its York County record by 51 pins.

The team of Tanner Laughman, Eric Smith, Jacob Hawkins and Paul Wolfram tallied 3,064 pins, improving their old mark by 51 pins.

Smith set the pace with an 824 series, which included back-to-back 300 games. Hawkins contributed an 814 series, while Wolfram added a 722 and Laughman chipped in with a 705.

"Eric has been talking about breaking our record for a while," Wolfram said. "We were confident we could do it, we just didn't know when."

The team got off to an encouraging start in the Yorktowne Match Play Classic League, compiling more than 2,000 pins after the first two games.

"We definitely started thinking about the record at that point," Hawkins said.

The team rode that momentum in the third game. Smith, Hawkins and Wolfram each had the first six strikes in the third game. 

When Smith polished off his second perfect game of the evening, the team only needed 30 more pins in the final frame to surpass its record. Hawkins and Wolfram, the remaining bowlers in the lineup, easily handled the challenge.

When asked about the pressure of rolling back-to-back perfect games, Smith said: "There's no pressure when you're bowling with these guys. We are having a blast. Bowling is fun when you are hitting the pins the way we are."

Laughman added: "Once we get on a roll, we don't want to let each other down. We push each other."

The teammates said the challenge is to see how high they can get the county four-man record. 

"We definitely can improve. We need at least three guys to bowl big series," Wolfram said. "Our goal is 3,100."

"I know I missed two easy spares in the first game, and I know the other guys missed one or two makeable spares," Smith said.

Laughman pointed out that the team averaged 255 per game, which is tough to do.

Somewhere down the road, Alley Oops may set its sights on the national four-man record of 3,251, which is held by a team from Levittown, New York.

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Alley Oops

Record-breaking team series of 3,064

Tanner Laughman, 279-206-220—706

Eric Smith, 224-300-300—824

Jacob Hawkins, 245-279-289—813

Paul Wolfram, 258-231-233—722