Stephanie Whipple-Miller, Jackie Jameson tie for top York County mark among female bowlers

  • Stephanie Whipple-Miller and Jackie Jameson each averaged 222 at Suburban Bowlerama in 2017-18.
  • That tied for the top spot among female bowlers in York County.
  • It marked a return to the top for Whipple-Miller, whose five-year reign was ended in 2014-15.

Stephanie Whipple-Miller and Jackie Jameson set the pace for York County women on the lanes during the 2017-18 season.

Stephanie Whipple-Miller

Each bowler averaged 222.

Whipple-Miller accomplished the feat for 75 games, while Jameson posted her mark for 81 games. Both of them bowl at Suburban Bowlerama.

This past season marked a return to the top for Whipple-Miller, whose five-year reign was ended by Jennifer Sparks during the 2014-15 season. Sparks held the No. 1 position for the past three seasons.

It's the first time Jameson, 28, has posted the highest average.

"There's definitely a sense of satisfaction being back on top," Whipple-Miller said. "My goal is always to be among the top three in average. There are plenty of exceptional bowlers in the county. I'm glad to see the younger generation of female bowlers, such as Jackie (Jameson), Jen (Sparks) and Ilexia (Dickson) making their mark."

"It's an honor being No. 1 in average," Jameson said. "It's an awesome feeling, one that  didn't expect."

Jameson, a smooth right-hander, didn't look at the league averages until two weeks were left in the season.

"At that point, I thought I might have a chance for high average," she said.

Whipple-Miller and Jameson both said they are working on their timing.

Jackie Jameson

"Timing is the key to everything," Jameson said. "Sometimes, I get to the line too fast.  I have to remember to take a step back, relax and let the ball do the work."

Whipple-Miller, one of three York County women to average 230 or higher, added that she's working on becoming more consistent, physically and mentally.

"You need a consistent game to avoid low series," she said. "And, you have to mentally learn not to get too down, if you do roll a low series."

Jameson's goal is to continue to develop her game, repeating shots with greater consistency and making her spares.

"Spares win games," she said.

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This story was provided through the York Area Bowling Proprietors Association.

York County Women

Top averages for 2017-18

(Minimum of 66 games)

Bowler                                    Avg.                Games             Center

Stephanie Whipple-Miller       222                  75                    Suburban

Jackie Jameson                        222                  81                    Suburban

Jen Sparks                               220                  132                  Colony Park North

Melissa Myers                         215                  96                    Hanover

Becky Daigle                          212                  124                  Colony Park North

Brenda Danfelt                       211                  120                  Colony Park North

Ilexia Dickson                         207                  78                    Colony Park North

Kristen Gessner                       207                  84                    Hanover

Samantha Schnur                    207                  102                  East Lincoln

Deb Beachtel                          206                  75                    Hanover

Chelsea Poff                           202                  81                    Colony Park North

Morgan Daub                          202                  96                    Suburban

Adrienne Delozier                   201                  108                  Hanover

Norma Mellott                        195                  81                    Hanover

Stephanie Schultz                   195                  96                    Suburban

Wendy Topper                        195                  108                  Suburban

Jen Schaffer                            194                  96                    East Lincoln

Brittany Ilgenfritz                   194                  90                    Suburban

Kaitlyn Nicewonger                193                  93                    Suburban

Amy Anthony                         193                  99                    Colony Park North

Jennifer DeSautels                  193                  81                    Suburban

Deanna Michener                    192                  90                    East Lincoln

Brenda Houck                         191                  93                    Suburban

Jill Fissel                                 189                  99                    Hanover

Shelene Paice                          189                  93                    Colony Park North