Adam Baer finishes with top York County average for 2017-18 season with 243 at Hanover

  • Adam Baer finished with the top bowling average in York County for the 2017-18 season at 243.
  • Baer compiled that average over 93 games at Hanover Bowling Centre.
  • Josh Coleman finished second at 241, also over 93 games at Hanover Bowling Centre.
  • Paul Wolfram tied Coleman for second. He tallied a 241 average over 93 games at Suburban Bowlerama.

Adam Baer and Josh Coleman of Hanover Bowling Centre have established themselves as "usual suspects" when it comes time to check the players who posted the highest average for York County bowlers the previous season.

Adam Baer

Since the 2008-09 season, Coleman has averaged 240 or higher on seven occasions, and Baer has accomplished the feat five times. Coleman has led the county in average twice, while Baer has done it once. They have tied on two occasions.

Baer, a hard-cranking right-hander, came out on top for the 2017-18 season. He compiled a 243 average for 93 games at Hanover Bowling Centre. Coleman, who holds the county's high average record with a 252, posted a 241 mark for 93 games at the Hanover facility.

Southpaw Paul Wolfram tied Coleman for second. He tallied a 241 average for 93 games at Suburban Bowlerama.

Wolfram, who moved to York County from Long Island four years ago, is a relatively new name among the Top 25 averages. He made his debut on the 2016-17 list with a 234 mark.

Josh Coleman

"It's impressive anytime you can be on a list with Adam Baer and Josh Coleman," said Wolfram. "Averaging 240 or better is extremely difficult. You have to average a 720 series every week for more than eight months."

He added: "Being among the top three in average is a big deal. It's definitely special. It gives you a sense of accomplishment."

Wolfram said he's been impressed with the number of high-caliber bowlers in York County.

"I competed in the Bud Light York County Match Play Championship in 2016, and that really gave me an idea of how much talent there is in the county," he said. "There's an incredible number of highly competitive bowlers."

Wolfram, 42, hadn't bowled in nine years before moving to York County. But, he took his kids bowling one weekend and the bowling bug bit him again. Soon, he was back on the lanes.

Paul Wolfram

Wolfram hopes to continue to excel on the York County lanes for years to come.

"I'm shooting to average 240 again," he said.

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York County Men

High averages for 2017-18

(Minimum of 66 games)

Bowler                                    Avg.                Games             Center

Adam Baer                              243                  93                    Hanover

Josh Coleman                          241                  93                    Hanover

Paul Wolfram                          241                  93                    Suburban

Jeremy Haines                         236                  102                  Hanover

Joe Pickett                               236                  102                  Hanover

Bob Staub Jr.                           234                  105                  Hanover

Tim Zelger                              234                  96                    Lion Bowl

Scott Farley                             233                  66                    Colony Park North

Justin Mong                            233                  102                  Colony Park North

Kevin Hartman                       232                  104                  Suburban

Jacob Hawkins                        232                  104                  Suburban

Ed Hombach                           232                  69                    Suburban

Guy Johnson                           232                  99                    Hanover

Terry Miller                             232                  89                    Suburban

Matt Schaszberger                   232                  81                    Lion Bowl

Jon Auchey                             231                  102                  Hanover

Chris Bowlin                           231                  96                    Hanover

Steve Carbaugh                       231                  99                    Hanover

Andy Carson                           231                  128                  Colony Park North

Chuck Crone                           231                  72                    Colony Park North

Jerred Poff                              231                  102                  Colony Park North

Eric Smith                               231                  98                    Suburban

Greg Bruff                              230                  100                  Colony Park North

Kyle Jameson                          230                  87                    Suburban

Dave Rishel                             230                  84                    Colony Park North

Mike Staub                             230                  105                  Hanover