Danny Sneddon said team chemistry played a major role in the Colony Park North No. 2 Team capturing the first York Area Bowling Proprietors Association Team Challenge tournament at Laser Alleys.

"I think we were definitely underdogs going into the tournament," Sneddon said. "The 12 teams represented the best of the best. While you can measure bowling averages, you can't measure team chemistry."

Colony Park North No. 2 included Sneddon, Chuck Crone, Dave Rishel, Joey Mong and Justin Mong.

"Team chemistry is all about how you work with others," Sneddon said. "We supported and encouraged each other. No one was out for themselves. We picked each other up, and we stayed together as a team."

Foes become teammates: Team chemistry was all the more important since the members of Colony Park North No. 2 are normally opponents, not teammates.

"Being the first team to win the Mike Elicker Memorial Traveling Cup is special," Sneddon said. "It means a lot to win it for Colony Park North. We look forward to seeing it on display every week when we bowl."

The Team Challenge format featured three games (league style) and 12 games of Baker team match play. The top three teams advanced to the finals. The No. 3 team rolled against the No. 2 team (two games with a possible one-ball roll-off if neither team won two games) and the winner advanced to face the No. 1 team.

Justin Mong comes up big in crucial victory: The Colony Park North No. 2 Team grabbed the lead after the second game of league-style play and held it until the 11th game of Baker team match play. 

In the crucial 12th game, Colony Park North No. 2 downed Colony Park North No. 1, 237-236 to regain the lead.

"Colony Park North No. 1 had already finished its game," Sneddon said. "We needed our anchor man, Justin Mong, to strike out to win by one pin. Justin was unbelievable under pressure. He struck out and we went back into first place."

Finishing off the victory: In the semifinal match, Colony Park North No. 1 defeated Suburban Bowlerama No. 1. In the championship match, Colony Park North No. 2 defeated Colony Park North No. 1, two games to none. Colony Park North No. 2 split $1,800 among its members for the win.

Colony Park North No. 1, consisting of Jerred Poff, Andy Carson, Mike Spangler, Dave Woffington and Rick Graham, earned second. Suburban Bowlerama No. 1, featuring Terry Miller, Paul Wolfram, Eric Smith, Jimmy Plessinger and Kyle Jameson, took third.

This story was provided by the York Area Bowling Proprietors Association.