Team Challenge bowling event set to make York County debut on Sunday at Laser Alleys

  • The York Bowling Proprietors Association Team Challenge makes its debut on Sunday.
  • Twelve teams representing all seven York County bowling centers are registered.
  • The winning team gets $1,800 and the Mike Elicker Memorial Traveling Cup.

Jimmy Plessinger envisioned a local tournament patterned after the Professional Bowlers Association highly competitive and emotionally charged team tournament. 

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It's taken months of work and planning to turn the idea into a reality. The York Bowling Proprietors Association Team Challenge makes its debut at 9 a.m., Sunday, Sept. 30, at Laser Alleys in York.

Plessinger, owner of Real Estate Exposures, is sponsoring the tournament, and he will compete on one of the Suburban Bowlerama teams.

"We're very excited about the turnout, particularly considering it's the first year for the tournament," Plessinger said. "We have 12 teams registered, and that's the maximum we can take. All seven bowling centers in York County are represented.

"It's going to be a fun tournament. There's a lot of bowling talent in York County and the Team Challenge format will very competitive. It will create an environment that many local bowlers have never experienced."

The format: Teams consist of five bowlers, with any combination of men and women. The top three to six average bowlers from each center received automatic invitations to compete on a team.

Teams will roll three games (league style) and the total number of pins over 3,000 will carry over to match play. Teams then roll 12 games of Baker match play (one game against each team). In the Baker team format, individual bowlers roll frames one and six, two and seven, three and eight, four and nine and five and 10. Teams receive plus or minus the number of pins over or under 200 per game, with 30 bonus pins for a win.

The top three teams after the Baker team match play advance to the stepladder final, which consists of a two-game match play set. If teams tie one game each, there will be a one-ball, sudden- death roll-off to determine the winner.

"There will be a lot of pressure because bowlers will be competing for their team and their respective center," Plessinger said. "There's going to be plenty of pride on the line.  I think it's going to be an awesome tournament."

First place is worth $1,800 per team, or $360 per bowler. The winning team also will receive the Mike Elicker Memorial Traveling Cup. The event will be live streamed at

Team members: Here are the teams and their members:

►Hanover Bowling Centre No. 1: Josh Coleman, Adam Mobley, Cody Shoemaker, Steve Carbaugh and Adam Baer.

►Hanover Bowling Centre No. 2: Mike Staub, Jeremy Haines, Joe Pickett, Jon Auchey and Guy Johnson.

►Hanover Bowling Centre No. 3: Dan Noel, Jesse Chronister, Chris Bowlin, Melissa Myers and Ken Noel.

►East Lincoln Lanes: Corey Stevenson, Samantha Schnur, Matt Rigney, Mike Lenhart and Scott Schnur Jr.

►Suburban Bowlerama No. 1: Terry Miller, Paul Wolfram, Kyle Jameson, Eric Smith and Jimmy Plessinger.

►Suburban Bowlerama No. 2: Steph Miller, Nate Jameson, Bill Kuntz, Dane Slenker and Ed Hombach.

►Suburban Bowlerama No. 3: Mike Slatky, Joe Andreone, Zach Ilgenfritz, Kevin Appnel and Mike Kreider.

►South Hanover: Nathan Klunk, Colton Mummert, Chris Mobley, David Kurtz Jr. and Randy Seibert.

►Lion Bowl: Tim Zelger, Chris Lakatosh, Matt Schaszberger, Terry Trout and Dave Zelger.

►Laser Alleys: Dave Kareis, Tony Thurmond, Nolan Barshinger, Brandon Hinderer and Jeff Daubert.

►Colony Park North No. 1: Jerred Poff, Andy Carson, Mike Spangler, Dave Woffington and Rick Graham.

►Colony Park North No. 2: Dave Rishel, Joe Mong, Danny Sneddon, Chuck Crone and Justin Mong.

This story was provided through the York County Bowling Proprietors Association. Reach Barry Sparks at