Schaszberger brothers roll 300s on same night at different York County bowling centers

  • The Schaszberger brothers recently bowled 300 games on the same night at different centers.
  • Matt Schaszberger bowled his 38th 300 game at Lion Bowl.
  • Kenny Schaszberger bowled his fourth 300 game at Suburban Bowlerama.
  • The York County perfect games occurred on Tuesday, Feb. 27.

At 7:37 p.m., Tuesday, Feb. 27, Matt Schaszberger texted his brother, Kenny, that he had rolled a 300 game at Lion Bowl. 

Matt Schaszberger

At the time, Kenny was bowling at Suburban Bowlerama. He had the first seven strikes in a row, but he didn’t mention it to his older brother. Now, however, he had an extra incentive to notch a 300 game of his own

At 8:04 p.m., Kenny texted Matt that he had matched his feat. 

It was the first time the Schaszbergers had rolled 300s on the same night, albeit at different centers, 12 miles and slightly more than 20 minutes apart.

“Matt and I both thought it was pretty cool,” said Kenny, a 29-year-old left-hander. “It was my fourth 300 game and Matt’s 38th. It was a matter of good timing.”

Although he’s not as accustomed to being perfect as often as his brother, Kenny said he wasn’t nervous en route to his 300.

“I had bowled a 299 earlier this year and that gave me confidence,” he said. “Certainly the 300 was more special because I rolled it on the same night Matt had his.”

Matt, a 43-year-old southpaw, said: “It was a nice surprise when Kenny texted me to say he had rolled a 300, too.”

Kenny Schaszberger

Surprisingly, the brothers, both Red Lion residents, have never competed on the same team. Matt, however, has always helped Kenny with his game and the brothers support each other.

Although they are both lefties, Matt said their styles are different. 

“I bowl at Suburban on Mondays and Kenny bowls there on Tuesdays,” Matt said. “I’ll share information with him about how the lanes played on Monday. Sometimes, we discuss other aspects of our games.”

Both are excellent bowlers. Kenny averaged 217 last season, while Matt averaged 234. Matt owns the Suburban Bowlerama high series record at 868. He has recorded 41 career 800 series.

The Schaszbergers aren’t sure they will ever roll 300s on the same night again, but they will continue to check their texts from each other on bowling nights — just in case.

This story was provided through the York County Bowling Proprietors' Association.