Dallastown's Joy Rehman sets Lion Bowl high-series women's bowling record at 764

  • Dallastown's Joy Rehman broke the Lion Bowl women's series record recently.
  • Rehman had games of 247, 270 and 247 for a 764 series.
  • Rehman averaged 188 in two leagues last season.

Joy Rehman of Dallastown recently set the Lion Bowl high series record for women. 

She rolled games of 247, 270 and 247 for a 764 series.

Joy Rehman

Rehman, who averaged 188 in two leagues last season, said everything clicked on her record-setting night.

"I was consistently in the pocket, and I was carrying the corner pins," she said. "I had no idea I had set the house record until Mike Zelger, one of the proprietors, mentioned it to me. That made me feel good."

Rehman said she wasn't paying attention to her scores because she was helping another bowler most of the night.

"I was helping an opponent and giving him tips about how to read the lanes," she said. "I enjoy the teaching aspect of bowling. One of my goals is to become a certified coach."

"Joy is a very modest bowler," said Lion Bowl co-proprietor Tim Zelger. "She's a perfectionist who is always striving to do better."

Rehman got her start on the lanes bowling duckpins with her mother at Bowl America in Dundalk. When she moved to York County in 1986, she switched to ten pins. She credits the late Bob "Pop" Horn for helping her to improve her game at Lion Bowl.

Rehman, a right-hander, said one of the keys to improving is learning to adjust to the various lane conditions. As a game progresses, the oil pattern is reconfigured by the balls carrying the oil down the lanes and moving it around.

"I tell bowlers they have to listen to the lanes," Rehman said. "You have to watch how your ball reacts and then make adjustments."

The adjustments may include moving left or right on the approach, increasing or decreasing your ball speed or changing your release point.

Rehman admits she still has more to learn about the game. And, perhaps that additional knowledge will help her achieve her goal of an 800 series.

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