Jennifer Sparks joins elite group after averaging 233 at Colony Park Lanes North

  • Jennifer Sparks averaged 233 for 132 games at Colony Park Lanes North for the 2016-17 season.
  • That makes her only the third woman in York County bowling history to top the 230 mark.
  • Lindy Decker holds the one-season mark for local women with a 236 average.

Jennifer Sparks averaged 233 for 132 games at Colony Park Lanes North for the 2016-17 season, making her only the third woman in York County bowling history to top the 230 mark.

Jen Sparks

Lindy Decker holds the one-season mark for local women with a 236 average posted for 78 games at Suburban Bowlerama in the 2008-09 season. Stephanie Whipple-Miller notched a 231 mark for 90 games at Colony Park Lanes North during the 2010-11 season.

"That's awesome," said Sparks, when she was informed of her achievement.  "I never thought I would average that high. It's unreal to think that someone can average 230 or higher. You have to be so accurate and so consistent. It's much more difficult than people think."

Sparks' average is even more impressive because she maintained it for 132 games while rolling in a doubles league. That's almost 70 percent more games than Decker recorded in 2008-09.

This past season marked the third consecutive season Sparks, 29, has led York County women in average. She ended Whipple-Miller's five-year reign in 2014.

Sparks said she seems to perform better when chasing a goal. Two seasons ago, it was to beat her husband, Travis, in average. (She won household bragging rights by a fraction of a pin). This past season, it was to beat her older brother, Greg Elicker, in average. (She edged him 233 to 232).

"It was the first time I ever beat Greg in average," she said.  "I may never do it again, but I can always say I did it once. Competition seems to do me good."

Could Sparks' next goal be to beat Decker's 236 average?

"Lindy's record is very impressive," Sparks said. "It's held up for almost 10 years, and the game has advanced so much in that time. Lindy's record could be my eventual goal."

For now, Sparks' main goal is to have more fun while bowling. 

"Sometimes being competitive diminishes the fun aspect of bowling," she said.  "I think the more fun I have, the better I will bowl."

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Top 25 Averages

York County Women 2016-17

(Minimum of 66 games)

Bowler                                    Games             Average           Center

Jen Sparks                               132                  233                  Colony Park North

Becky Daigle                          104                  229                  Colony Park North

Stephanie Whipple-Miller         78                  220                  Suburban

Jackie Flinchbaugh                   75                  219                  Suburban

Brenda Danfelt                       124                  216                  Colony Park North

Kristen Gessner                         93                  216                  Hanover

Melissa Myers                         108                  213                  Hanover

Ilexia Dickson                           75                  212                  Colony Park North

Chelsea Poff                             87                  205                  Laser Alleys

Samantha Schnur                      99                  202                  East Lincoln

Adrienne Delozier                     78                  201                  Hanover

Jen Schaffer                              81                  200                  East Lincoln

Denise Beachtel                        75                  198                  Hanover

Brittany Poff                             72                  198                  Laser Alleys

Stephanie Schultz                     96                  197                  Suburban

Catherine Kreider                     90                  196                  East Lincoln

Melissa Arnold                         81                  194                  Colony Park North

Brittany Ilgenfritz                   102                  193                  Suburban

Casandra Leonard                     75                  193                  Hanover

Selena Paice                              99                  193                  Colony Park North

Allison Reynolds                      90                  193                  Colony Park North

Kaitlyn Nicewonger                  96                  192                  Suburban

Wendy Topper                        105                  192                  Hanover

Deann Michener                        87                  190                  East Lincoln

Norma Mellott                        84                    189                  Hanover