It was a history-making campaign on York County bowling lanes during 2016-2017 season

  • Five bowlers in York County finished the 2016-2017 season with averages of 240 or higher.
  • Hanover Bowling Centre's Adam Baer and Josh Coleman tied for the top spot at 245.
  • Mike Spangler, Jeremy Haines and Jerred Poff also topped the 240 mark.

For the first time in York County bowling history, five bowlers finished the season with averages of 240 or higher.

Hanover Bowling Centre's Adam Baer and Josh Coleman tied for the top honor with 245 averages for the 2016-17 season.  Baer rolled 105 games, while Coleman notched 93 games.

Adam Baer

Mike Spangler tallied a 243 mark for 116 games at Colony Park North, while Jeremy Haines finished with a 242 average for 102 games at Hanover Bowling Centre.  Jerred Poff registered a 241 mark for 105 games at Laser Alleys. 

"It's a credit to the number of high quality bowlers we have in York County," said Baer, discussing the record five bowlers with 240 averages.  "York County bowlers historically have done well on the state and national levels, as well as the local level."

Although 240 averages are much more common than today, Baer stressed that it's still a difficult achievement.

"It may not be hard to roll a 700 series, but to average 240 you have to average a 720 series each week for seven-plus months," he said.  "That's a daunting task."

Baer said bowlers need to roll about nine strikes a game to average 240. 

Most league seasons range from 33 to 36 weeks.  It's a long season, one typically filled with highs and lows.

"You can't afford many bad weeks, if you are going to average 240," said Baer.

Dramatic improvements in bowling ball technology the past two decades have paved the way for higher averages, according to Baer.

Josh Coleman

"Scoring conditions are much different today than when Tim Zelger and Mark Crawford posted 240 averages in the late 1980s and early 1990s," said Baer.

Zelger compiled a 245 average for 69 games in the 1989 season at Lion Bowl, while Crawford tallied a 240 average for 102 games at East Lincoln in 1993.  At the time, the American Bowling Congress recognized Zelger's mark as the highest in the country for a member of a five-man team, while Crawford's was noted as the third highest in the country for a member of a four-man team.

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Top 25 Averages

York County Men 2016-17

(Minimum of 66 games)

Bowler                                  Games               Average          Center

Adam Baer                              105                  245                  Hanover

Josh Coleman                           93                  245                  Hanover

Mike Spangler                        116                  243                  Colony Park North

Jeremy Haines                        102                  242                  Hanover

Jerred Poff                              105                  241                  Laser Alleys

Greg Bruff                                80                  238                  Colony Park North

Kyle Jameson                           93                  238                  Suburban

Justin Mong                            109                  238                  Colony Park North

Chuck Crone                             99                  236                  Colony Park North

Terry Miller                              89                  236                  Suburban

Scott Strickler                           72                  236                  Suburban

Jon Auchey                             105                  236                  Hanover

Jacob Hawkins                          96                  235                  Colony Park North

Eric Smith                                75                  235                  East Lincoln

Ed Hombach                             82                  234                  Colony Park North

Matt Schaszberger                    87                  234                  Suburban

Paul Wolfram                           93                  234                  Lion Bowl

Michael Eaton                          98                  233                  Colony Park North

Greg Elicker                             98                  233                  Colony Park North

Jeff Gibson                               93                  233                  Suburban

Rick Graham                            92                  233                  Colony Park North

Jake Hawkins                            90                  232                  Suburban

Dave Kareis                            120                  232                  Colony Park North

Michael Starliper                      99                  232                  Suburban

Bob Straub                                99                  232                  Hanover