On the Lanes: Jen Sparks talks about her standout 2016-2017 bowling season


This is the first in an occasional series of short question-and-answer features with York County bowlers.

Jen Sparks

Jen Sparks is subject of this feature.

You led all York County women with a 233 average for the 2016-2017 season.  What was your reaction?

I felt awesome. I never thought I would average that high. You have to be so accurate and so consistent. It's much more difficult than people think.

You are just the third woman in York County to average 230 or higher. Was that a goal for you?

My average has been improving each year since the 2013-2014 season, when I averaged 221. It was just a matter of practicing more and being more consistent. My approach to the 230 average was: If it happens, it happens.

I understand you had a little extra motivation this year. What was it?

I wanted to beat my older brother, Greg Elicker, in average. I had never done that before. I  ended up beating him, 233 to 232. That was a big accomplishment for me.

Lindy Decker holds the York County women's record with a 236 average. Is that your next goal?

Lindy's record is very impressive. It's held up for almost 10 years and the game has changed so much during that time. Her record could be my eventual goal.

Note: East Lincoln Lanes hosts the Friday Night Fights Tournament during the first and third Friday of each month. The entry fee for the handicap singles tournament is $30. The handicap is 90 percent of 230. For information, call (717) 252-3211.

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