Dispatch Bowler of the Week: Glenville's Colton Mummert

  • Glenville's Colton Mummert is averaging 201 in the junior league at South Hanover Lanes.
  • Mummert hopes to one day earn his Professional Bowlers Association card.
  • Mummert's most memorable bowling moment is finishing third in his first singles event.

Bowler: Colton Mummert, 17, of Glenville.

Colton Mummert

Latest bowling accomplishment: Averaging 201 in the junior league at South Hanover Lanes.

I started bowling: At South Hanover Lanes three years ago.

Bowler I've learned the most from: Billy Heltzel.

Best bowling advice I've received: Keep your emotions under control.

Part of my game I'm working on improving: My backswing.

Most memorable bowling moment: Finishing third and rolling my first 200 game in my first singles tournament.

York Dispatch Bowler of Week: Hanover's Steve Zinneman

Bowling appeals to me because: I enjoy the individual aspect of the game.

Most non-bowlers don't realize: How difficult it is to figure out the changing oil patterns.

PBA bowler I enjoy watching: Parker Bohn III.

Future goal: Get my Professional Bowlers Association card and compete on the PBA Tour.

Note: A Junior Gold Qualifier will be held at East Lincoln Lanes at 9:30 a.m. Sunday, May 21. The entry fee is $65 and one in four advance. Walk-ins are welcome. For more information, call (717) 252-3211.

Bowler of the Week is submitted by the York County Bowling Proprietors Association.