The Seitzland Rifle Club held its 27th New Year’s Day Match at the club’s range near New Freedom, Pennsylvania.

It was a typical chilly, blustery winter day, but 33 competitors got up early to test their skill on a seven-inch bull's-eye at 200 yards. Each competitor had 50 shots from the standing position with no support, using a rifle of their choice. The match is open to both club members and non-members. This year’s participants included ladies, seniors, juniors and at least one person who drove four hours.

After 25 shots were fired in the morning, lunch was served in the club house. The final 25 shots were fired after lunch. This year’s winner was Jason Epperly with a 486-14X. Second place was Vic Betzold with 481-11X. Third was Walt Zdon with 477-9X. Fourth place went to Rebecca Picone with 475-9X.