York Dispatch Bowler of the Week: Marvin Garvick

  • Hanover's Marvin Garvick recently bowled a 739 series at Suburban Bowlerama.
  • Garvick started bowling at South Hanover Lanes when he was 13 years old.
  • Garvick's future goal is to roll his first 300 games. His favorite bowler is Dick Weber.

Bowler: Marvin Garvick, 67, of Hanover.

Marvin Garvick

Recent bowling accomplishment: Rolled a 739 series at Suburban Bowlerama.

I started bowling: At South Hanover Lanes when I was 13 years old.

Bowlers I have learned the most from: Terry Miller and Andrew Hurst.

Best bowling advice I ever received: Don't over think and make the game more complicated than it is.

Most memorable bowling moment: Rolling my first 300 game.

Most difficult part about bowling: Not letting a bad frame or a bad game affect you.

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Non-bowlers don't realize: That if you learn the fundamentals, the game isn't as complicated.

Advice I would give someone just starting to bowl: Take lessons.

My favorite PBA bowler:Dick Weber.

Future goal: Roll an 800 series.

Note:Colony Park Lanes North plays host to the Don Kauffman Memorial Tournament at 9:30 a.m. Sunday, Jan. 8. The format features an eight-game marathon, and total pins wins. First place is expected to pay $1,500, based on 60 entries. One in six cashes. The entry fee is $80 prepaid and $100 at the door.

Bowler of the Week is submitted by the York County Bowling Proprietors Association.