York Dispatch Bowler of the Week: Bob Heffler

For The York Dispatch
  • York's Bob Heffler recently rolled a 300 game and 814 series at Colony Park North.
  • Heffler started bowling duckpins when he was 19 in Baltimore County.
  • The PBA bowlers he enjoys watching are Bob Benoit, Danny Wiseman and Walter Ray Williams Jr.

Bowler: Bob Heffler, 52, of York.

Bob Heffler

Latest bowling accomplishment: Rolled a 300 game and an 814 series at Colony Park North.

I started bowling:Duckpins in Baltimore County when I was 19.

Best bowling advice I ever received: Slow down.

Most memorable bowling moment: Rolling my first 300 game.

Bowling appeals to me because: I enjoy the competition.

Most non-bowlers don't realize: The number of rules bowling has and the strategy involved in the game.

Most difficult part about bowling is: Making sure you follow through on your delivery.

Advice I would give someone just starting to bowl: Read, watch bowling videos and listen to competitive bowlers.

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PBA bowlers I enjoy watching: Bob Benoit, Danny Wiseman and Walter Ray Williams Jr.

Future goal: Beat Chuck Geesey's county record.

Note:Lion Bowl hosts a New Year's Day Tournament starting at noon. The handicap doubles tournament features six games, including two games of no-tap, two games of alternating shot and two games of mulligan. (The number of mulligans will depend on the bowler's average). The entry fee is $90 per team the day of the tourney or $80 per team pre-paid. One in three teams will cash.

Bowler of the Week is submitted by the York County Bowling Proprietors Association.