Dave Zelger wins Senior Match Play


Dave Zelger, 56, recently won the first York County Senior Match Play Championship.


The right-hander finished 140 pins ahead of Terry Trout, who finished in second place.

The tournament, for bowlers age 50 and older, featured four-game qualifying sessions at Hanover Bowling Centre and Suburban Bowlerama on Saturday and modified match play at Lion Bowl on Sunday.

Nate Jameson led the field of 25 after qualifying. Eight bowlers advanced to modified match play. Bowlers carried over the number of pins more than 1,600 from qualifying to match play.

In modified match play, bowlers receive plus or minus the number of pins over or under 200 each game, and the top half of the field, based on individual game results, also receives bonus pins. The bowler with the highest score receives the most bonus pins, and the amount of bonus pins decreases with each subsequent position.

Organizer Mike Zelger said he was pleased with the initial turnout and plans to schedule the tournament the same weekend next year.

The final standings and number of pins:  Zelger (755); Trout (615); Jameson (606); Dave Kareis (461); Scott Strickler (372); Dave Kennedy (246); Keith Conley (238) and Tim O’Donnell (207).

Strickler rolled a 300 game during qualifying at Suburban Bowlerama.