Local teen rolls 300 game on birthday


Drew Dusman won’t forget his 17th birthday.

Drew Dusman

The Hanover teen rolled his second career perfect game on his birthday, Saturday, Jan. 9, at Hanover Bowling Centre,

Ironically, earlier that morning, Dusman received the ring for his first 300 in September from the United States Bowling Congress (USBC) in a brief presentation at the center.

“I was very surprised,” Dusman said. “I didn’t expect to roll my second 300 so soon. It was an unforgettable way to celebrate my birthday. And, it was definitely special since my dad was here.”

Dusman’s first perfect game was bittersweet because his father, Dave, who usually watches Drew every Saturday, wasn’t there to witness it. His grandfather, Paul, however, did witness it.

“It was an awesome feeling,” said Dave, who recorded the 10th frame on his cell phone. “I was very disappointed to miss Drew’s first 300 game. That was one of the few Saturdays I have missed in the past several years. I knew Drew would roll more 300s, but I didn’t think it would be so quick.”

Despite having the experience of having rolled a perfect game, Drew, who is averaging 201, said he felt more nervous during the second 300.

“I realized I had a good chance of rolling a 300 game much earlier than the first time,” he said. “I kept reminding myself that even if I didn’t roll a 300, I would still end up with a great game.”

When Drew stepped on the approach to deliver the final ball, all the junior league bowlers had stopped to watch him, along with his father and grandfather. When the final pin fell, the center erupted in applause and Drew jumped in the air.

The Dusmans represent three generations of perfect games, a relatively rare feat. Paul, 66, has two perfect games, while Dave, 48, owns three.

Drew, who started bowling at age 10, has an excellent chance of earning the family honor for the most perfect games.

“My dad (Paul) and I are very pleased with Drew’s progress,” Dave said. “He’s made great strides in improving his game.”