West York's 'Kilts for a Cause' fundraiser helps out charity


Sometimes it's OK to have a little fun, even if it means having football players masquerading as field hockey competitors.

Such was the case Monday afternoon when the West York High School football team took some time out of its schedule to scrimmage the Bulldogs' field hockey squad in a friendly "Kilts for a Cause" showdown.

A year after getting handed a disappointing 5-0 loss by their female peers, the Bulldog football squad, under first-year head coach Jeremy Jones, showed off some of their new-found skills. While those skills still didn't result in a victory (the football team lost 3-0), the football and field hockey clubs enjoyed the get-together, which raised donations for the York Rescue Mission's Women's and Children's Shelter.

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"I was pretty confident that we would come out and beat them again," West York field hockey coach Amanda Steigleman said. "However great improvement by the football team since last year. They've been practicing. I actually caught Coach Jones the other day during one of his gym classes with field hockey sticks. So he had the guys out there practicing ahead of time."

Ryan Narber volunteered to play goalie for his side. What he expected and what he actually experienced, however, were two different things.

"It's not like regular hockey," he said. "I'll play regular (floor) hockey at parks and stuff like that. You can use a glove there and catch it, but that's a lot easier than this. I had to adjust a little bit."

Narber's side almost broke its scoreless streak during the second half. With the help of Coach Jones and Assistant Coach Josh Fry, the football team proved capable of mounting an attack. The football players even had a near goal that was waved off because of an infraction late in the second half.

But, for a second year in the row, the football players and coaches alike will have to suffer the consequences of their defeat by wearing kilts to school on Tuesday.

Still, both sides said they truly enjoyed their friendly rivalry. Better yet, they helped raise around $1,000 in total donations between the two sides for a worthy cause.

"The charity that we supported really needs these things," Steigleman said. "And that's what this is all about. It's great to see the guys and the girls come together in a respectful way and have fun. We had tons of fun."

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