Local baseball standings and linescores

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Local baseball


WLTPGlen Rock283056 Mount Wolf209242Manchester1813036Shiloh1713236Stoverstown1713135 Jefferson1515131Dover1219024Pleasureville624012 Dillsburg32706
Glen Rock1100003—5 110Stoverstown0020000—2 43

GR: Cicio and Rhodes; S: Crawford, Kauffman (6) and Botts; WP: Cicio; LP: Crawford; 2B: GR, T. Miller, Rogers. S, Krause, Warner.

Manchester1100100000—3 93Mount Wolf1010100001—4 103

M: Pagano, Kopp (8) and Nye; MW: Hoff and Krevetski; WP: Hoff; LP: Kopp; 2B: M, L. Allison. MW, Dierdorff; HR: MW, Moriarty.

Shiloh0302000—5 92Jefferson0013000—4 120

S: Gibbons, Stover (4), Stare (5) and Bortner; J: Moul, Bossom (5) and Witmer; WP: Gibbon; LP: Maul; 2B: S, Bixler, Bortner. J, Gentle, Ty. Troxel; 3B: S, James.

Pleasureville 240 002 — 8 12 3 Dillsburg 110 101 — 4 8 1

P: Toomey, Perks (6) and Haifley; D: Simmoneau, Johnson (6) and Deardorff; WP: Toomey; LP: Simmoneau; 2B: P, Haifley (2), Castro, Clement. D, Tamecki, Deardorff; 3B: P, Steffy.

susquehanna league PLAYOFFS

Hallam wins best-of-3 series, 2-1

Stewartstown0000000—0 91Hallam101000x—2 62

S: Mitchell and Allshouse; H: Stump, Shimmel (7) and McNeil; WP: Stump; LP: Mitchell; 2B: H, McNeil.

East Prospect wins best-of-3 series, 2-1

Red Lion0000001—1 30E. Prospect000301x—4 52

RL: Melhorn and Somerville, Bra. Taylor (6); EP: Yunginger, Lefever (7) and Schauren; WP: Yunginger; LP: Melhorn; 2B: EP, Witmer, Strickler; HR: RL, Aspito. EP, Springer.