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Local baseball standings and linescores

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Local baseball


WLTPGlen Rock273054 Mount Wolf189238Stoverstown1712135 Manchester1712034Shiloh1613234Jefferson1514131Dover1218024Pleasureville524010 Dillsburg32506
Jefferson0030004—7 103Shiloh1001010—3 82

J: Kibler and Witmer; S: Fries, Gibbons (7) and Bortner; WP: Kibler; LP: Fries; 2B: J, Watkins, Ty. Troxel. S, Bortner; 3B: S, James.

Shiloh0000010—1 11Manchester0000002—2 62

S: Hepler, Gibbons (7) and Bixler; M: Houseal and Nye; WP: Houseal; LP: Gibbons.

susquehanna league

First-Round Playoffs
Conrads1031000—5 112York Twp.0000000—0 32

Conrads wins series, 2-0.

C: Stewart and Yourgal; YT: C. Markey, Page (5) and M. Fagnani; WP: Stewart; LP: C. Markey; 2B: C, Yourgal, Bonilla, Dietrich.

E. Prospect0000303—6 61Red Lion0100000—1 70

Series tied, 1-1.

EP: McVey and Schauren; RL: Shoff and Taylor; WP: McVey; LP: Shoff; 2B: EP, Miller, Witmer.

Hallam1102000—4 70Stew-town0001000—1 41

Series tied, 1-1.

H: Tucci and McNeil; S: C. Martin, Jones (4) and Allshouse; WP: Tucci; LP: C. Martin; 2B: H, Matias. S, Trout, C. Brittain.

Jacobus8100010—10 182Windsor3000011—5 112

Jacobus wins series, 2-0.

J: Calaman and Buchko; W: Schroll, Bacon, Sharp, Blymire and Myers; WP: Calaman; LP: Schroll; 2B: J, Crimmel, Hamburger. W, Myers, Wilson; 3B: W, Pestcoe; HR: J, Austin.