Local baseball standings and linescores

York Dispatch
Local baseball


WLTPGlen Rock203040 Mount Wolf157232Stoverstown1511030 Jefferson1310127Shiloh1310127Manchester1312026Dover1213024Pleasureville42008 Dillsburg22104
Dillsburg0000002—2 53Manchester000303x—6 90

D: Simmoneau and Deardorff; M: Nye and Robinson; WP: Nye; LP: Simmoneau; 2B: D, Johnson, Leonard. M, Royer.

Stoverstown100000002—3 72Mount Wolf000010000—1 72

S: Lehman and Botts; MW: Dierdorff and Kuhn, Blymire (7); WP: Lehman; LP: Dierdorff; 2B: S, Warner, Krause, Capobianco. MW, Burnside, Sargen.

Pleasureville1010100—3 100Dover4002110—8 92

P: Bohn, Tutkoskie (1), Burris (5) and Haifley; D: Rogerson and Flater; WP: Rogerson; LP: Bohn; 2B: P, Haifley, Wagner, Steffy, D, Dellinger; 3B: D, Higgins; HR: D, Mike Moore

Susquehanna league

WLPct.East Prospect237.767Jacobus207.741Hallam219.700Conrads1612.571Stewartstown1315.464York Township1316.448Red Lion1116.407Windsor821.276Felton224.077
East Prospect1201000—4 72Windsor210600x—9 131

EP: Rigney, Finafrock (4) and Shatto; W: Schroll, Booth (7) and Kitzmiller; WP: Schroll; LP: Rigney; 2B: EP, Lantz; HR: W, Dinsmore, Thompson.

Red Lion0003200—5 61York Township1002001—4 104

RL: Butcher and Somerville; YT: Peters, Dimler (5) and Krebs; WP: Butcher; LP: Peters; 2B: RL, Bra. Taylor.