Local baseball standings and linescores

York Dispatch
Local baseball

Susquehanna league

WLPct.East Prospect204.833Jacobus196.760Hallam189.667Conrads1312.520Stewartstown1213.480York Township1214.462Red Lion1014.417Windsor717.292Felton222.083
Stew-town0310001—5 71Hallam0001010—2 41

S: J. Sommer and Allshouse; H: Tucci and McNeil; WP: Sommer; LP: Tucci; 2B: S, J. Sommer, C. Brittain, Trout. H, Wecker.

Felton0000000—0 30Windsor100000x—1 21

F: Zeigler, Daugherty (3) and L. Whitman; W: Hernandez and Ca. Gipe; WP: Hernandez; LP: Zeigler; HR: W, Thompson.

Jacobus000101200—4 94E. Prospect000012101—5 63

J: Clark, Crowe (7) and E. Hamberger, Buchko (8); EP: Stoops and Schauren; WP: Stoops; LP: Crowe; 2B: J, Calaman. EP, Rigney.

Jacobus002010000—3 111E. Prospect000003001—4 70

J: Crowe, Buchko (6), Clark (7) and E. Hamberger; EP: Yunginger, Godfrey (5), McVey (7) and Schauren; WP: McVey; LP: Clark; 2B: J, Calaman (2). EP, Saxman; 3B: J, Calaman; HR: EP, Rigney.


WLTPGlen Rock183036 Jefferson139127Mount Wolf126226Manchester1210024Stoverstown1211024 Shiloh119123Dover1012020Pleasureville41519 Dillsburg21804
Dillsburg0000000—0 17Shiloh463201x—16 142

D: Bishop, Kitts (4) and Deardorff; S: Fries, C. Gladfelter (4), G. Kinneman (7) and Bixler; WP: Fries; LP: Bishop; 2B: S, Bixler, Copeland.

Jefferson0520101—9 111Dover701020x—10 151

J: Bossom, Moul (4) and Witmer; DO: Smyser, Glass (7) and Slater; WP: Smyser; LP: Bossom; 2B: J, Seiders. DO, Higgins, Bubb; 3B: J, S. Trail; HR: J, Schultz.