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Local baseball standings and linescores

York Dispatch
Local baseball

Susquehanna league

WLPct.Jacobus194.826East Prospect184.818Hallam188.692Conrads1312.520York Township1214.462Stewartstown1113.458Red Lion1014.417Windsor617.261Felton221.087
Stew-town0000401—5 82Windsor0000120—3 35

S: Cunningham, C. Brittain (6), J. Brittain (6) and Allshouse; W: T. Myers and N. Myers; WP: Cunningham; LP: T. Myers; 2B: S, J. Brittain. W, Wilson.

East Prospect0002000—2 93York Twp.050021x—8 110

EP: Weidman, McVey (2) and Schuaren; YT: Page and Fagnani; WP: Page; LP: Weidman.

Felton 200 310 — 6 13 1 Red Lion 231 00(10) — 16 16 1

F: Ahlbrandt, A. Whitman (1), Allen (6) and L. Whitman, Gohn (6); RL: Melhorn, Butcher (5) and Commerville; WP: Melhorn; LP: A. Whitman; 2B: F, Allen, Schwartz. RL, Zelger, B. Taylor; 3B: F, L. Whitman.

Conrads0011001—1 30Hallam022800x—12 113

C: Stewart, Ward (4), Kennell (4) and catcher; H: Hedrick, Renn (6) and McNeil; WP: Hedrick; LP: Stewart; 2B: H, Renn, McNeil, Shimmel; HR: H, Cruz.


WLTPGlen Rock183036 Jefferson138127Mount Wolf126226Manchester1210024Stoverstown1211024 Shiloh109121Dover912018Pleasureville41519 Dillsburg21704
Mount Wolf0002120—5 101Stoverstown0030000—3 70

MW: Burnside, Nestor (6) and Kuhn, Blymire (5); S: Brooks, Crawford (6) and Boren; WP: Burnside; LP: Brooks; 2B: MW, Sargen, Burnside, Dierdorff, Sprenkle. S, Krause.

Dover0020101—4 50Pleasureville0000012—3 102

DO: Rogerson and Higgins; P: Fisher, Bohn (7) and Kirkpatrick; WP: Rogerson; LP: Fisher; 2B: P, Wagner, Ream.

Manchester0000030—3 32Glen Rock230040x—9 132

M: Nye, Amspacher (6) and catcher; GR: Merkel, Houser (4), Goebeler (6) and catcher; WP: Merkel; LP: Nye; 2B: GR, Anderson; 3B: GR, Hood.