Local baseball standings, linescores

York Dispatch
Local baseball

Susquehanna league

WLPct.East Prospect183.857Jacobus194.826Hallam178.680Conrads1311.542York Township1114.440Stewartstown1013.435Red Lion914.391Windsor618.250Felton220.091
York Twp.0020010—3 72Windsor0001010—2 111

YT: Striebig and Fagnani; W: Schroll and N. Myers; WP: Striebig; LP: Schroll; 2B: W, Hartman; HR: YT, Page. W, T. Myers.

Felton0000002—2 42Conrads030022x—7 80

F: Gohn and L. Whitman; C: Krick and Yourgal; WP: Krick; LP: Gohn; 2B: F, Hamill. C, Miller; HR: C, Yourgal.

Jacobus0040202—8 141Red Lion103221x—9 120

J: Ferrell, R. Hamberger (4) and E. Hamberger; RL: Zelger, Butcher (7) and Sommerville, Taylor (6); WP: Zelger; LP: Ferrell; 2B: J, Clark, E. Hamberger, R. Hamberger, Ferrell; HR: J, Calaman. RL, Zelger, Shoff.


WLTPGlen Rock173034 Jefferson138127Mount Wolf116224Manchester129024Stoverstown1210024 Shiloh109121Dover812016Pleasureville41419 Dillsburg21704
Shiloh0030021—6 70Glen Rock0001400—5 33

S: Smith, Fries (7) and Team; GR: Gonzalez and Team; WP: Smith; LP: Gonzalez; 2B: S, James, Bixler. GR, Rhodes.

American legion

Pleasureville0000000—0 33Northeastern050000x—5 33

P: Wagner and C. Parks; NE: Kipp and Blymire; WP: Kipp; LP: Wagner.