Local baseball standings and linescores

York Dispatch
Local baseball


WLTPGlen Rock172034 Jefferson138127Mount Wolf116224Manchester129024Stoverstown1210024 Shiloh99119Dover812016Pleasureville41419 Dillsburg21704
Shiloh5004003—12 161Pleasureville0001001—2 41

S: Stare, Kinneman (7) and Bixler; P: Castro, Steffy (7) and Haifley; WP: Stare; LP: Castro; 2B: S, B. Bixler; HB: S, James, Stover, C. Bixler, B. Gladfelter, P, Castro.

Jefferson0000110—2 62Manchester200105x—8 120

J: Bossom and Witmer; M: Houseal and Robinson; WP: Houseal; LP: Bossom; 2B: J, Schultz. M, McWilliams, Beichler, Royer, J. Reeser (2).

Stoverstown000000(13)—13 150Dillsburg0000020—2 62

S: Lehman, Spangler (7) and Team; D: Copenhaver, Johnson (7) and Team; WP: Lehman; LP: Copenhaven; 2B: S, Dowling. D, Johnson.

Stoverstown2000011—4 80Dillsburg0001000—1 62

S: Krause and Team; D: Heatwole and Team; WP: Krause; LP: Heatwole; 2B: S, Krause, Lehman.

Glen Rock0310021—7 101Dover0001000—1 31

GR: Stiffler, McCullough (5), Scott Merkel (7) and Rhodes; DO: T. Smith, Deangelus (7) and Rhoads, Moore (3); WP: Stiffler; LP: Smith; 2B: GR, Rhodes; 3B: GR, Gonzalez, Rogers.

American legion

Dallastown0000010—1 52Northeastern0000101—2 72

DT: Strayer and Holtzapple; NE: Dolan and Blymire; WP: Dolan; LP: Strayer.

S. Western1101030—6 103P-Ville(10)00000x—10 111

SW: Taylor, Yacheslia (1), Rzepkowski (2), J. Raubenstine (3), Staub (6) and E. Raubenstine; P: Smeltzer, Davis (6) and St. Pierre; WP: Smeltzer; LP: Taylor; 2B: SW, E. Raubenstine, Francis. P, Reed, Wagner, Davis.

susquehanna league

Saturday's Result

Jacobus0643000—13 100Red Lion1001000—2 100

J: Calaman and Austin; RL: Tyson, Biddix (3), Ty. Taylor (5) and Sommerville; WP: Calaman; LP: Tyson; 2B: RL, Th. Taylor; 3B: Sch, Name; HR: Sch, Name.