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Local baseball standings, linescores

York Dispatch
Local baseball


WLTPx-Northeastern161048Pleasureville142042 South Western131140Dallastown133039 Red Lion95027New Oxford75122Glen Rock74021 Hanover77021Dover78021 Wrightsville67018Shiloh69018Suburban York510015 York511015Bermudian49012 Spring Grove2506 Gettysburg21206Stewartstown21206Dillsburg01400

x-won regular-season title.

Dover0101000—2 52New Oxford222012x—9 91

D: Spirito, Dolan (5), Neiman (6) and Smith; NO: Brown, Wright (7) and Chesney; WP: Brown; LP: Spirito; 2B: NO, Hertz.

Pleasureville1011203—8 101S. Western0000000—0 41

P: Abel, Davis (6) and Smeltzer; SY: J. Ruabenstine, Yancheski (4), Weaver (7) and E. Raubenstine; WP: Abel; LP: J. Raubenstine; 2B: P, Smeltzer, SY, Staub, K. Raubenstine.

Other Score

Hanover 7, Wrightsville 0 (forfeit).

Susquehanna league

WLPct.Jacobus171.944East Prospect172.895Hallam148.636Conrads1110.524Stewartstown912.429York Township914.391Red Lion712.368Windsor515.250Felton217.105
East Prospect0001000—1 30Felton0000000—0 21

EP: Godfrey, Weidman (6) and Schauren; F: Ahlbrandt, Schwartz (5) and Whitman; WP: Godfrey; LP: Ahlbrandt.

Red Lion0000000—0 21Hallam000001X—1 30

H: Tucci and Knaub; R: Zelger and Sommerville; HR: H, Wecker

Conrads0000300—3 63Stew-town000091x—10 81

C: Miller, Stewart (5), Church (6), Bonilla (6) and Yourgal; S: Sommer and Allshouse; WP: Sommer; LP: Miller; 2B: C, Miller, Berkstresser, Knaub; HR: S, Sommer, Stevenson, J. Brittain.

York Twp.0200000—2 70Jacobus0010104—6 110

YT: Markey and Fagnani; J: Clark and Buchko; WP: Clark; LP: Markey; 2B: J, Buchko, Calaman, Ferrell; 3B: J, Hudish (2); HR: J, Kelley.


WLTPGlen Rock142028 Jefferson127024Mount Wolf106121Manchester108020Stoverstown99018 Shiloh87117Dover810016Pleasureville31306 Dillsburg21404
Stoverstown0010000—1 30Shiloh102200x—5 102

ST: Harang, Krause (5) and Botts; SH: Hepler, Fries and Bixler; WP: Hepler; LP: Harang; 2B: SH, Bixler, Santiago.

Manchester0045011—11 132Pleasureville0010010—2 62

M: Pagano and Robinson; P: Wagner, McMaster (5), Haifley (7) and Kirkpatrick; WP: Pagano; LP: Wagner; 2B: M, J. Reeser, K. Reeser. P, Wagner; HR: M, Beichler.

Dillsburg20000000—2 62Dover10000011—3 100

DI: Simmoneau and Leonard; DO: Slagle and Higgins; WP: Slagle; LP: Simmoneau; 2B: DI, Kitts, Frank. DO, Higgins.