Local baseball standings and linescores

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Local baseball


WLTPNortheastern161048South Western130140Pleasureville132039 Dallastown133039 Red Lion85024 Glen Rock73021 Dover77021 New Oxford65119Wrightsville66018Shiloh69018Hanover67018Suburban York510015 Bermudian49012 York411012Spring Grove2506 Gettysburg21206Stewartstown21206Dillsburg01300
Hanover0000000—0 22Suburban 000010x—1 50

H: Peterman and Silver; SY: Merkle and Wolfenberger; WP: Merkle; LP: Peterman; 2B: H, Brown; HR: SY, Delridge.

Dover3530000—11 141Shiloh1000202—5 101

DO: Br. Smith and Br. Smith; S: Eyler, Bentzel (3) and Sheffer; WP: Br. Smith; LP: Eyler; 2B: DO, Br. Smith. S, Bertucio; 3B: DO, Stoy; HR: DO, Stoy.

Dallastown0002030—5 102New Oxford0000400—4 51

D: Stambaugh, Ness (5), Schuler (6) and Somerville; NO: Cieslinski, Wright (6), Brown (6) and Chesney; WP: Ness; LP: Wright; 2B: NO, Chesney; 3B: D, Golden.

Northeastern 112 133 — 11 15 1 Gettysburg 000 000 — 0 4 0

NE: Kopp and Blymire; G: Sachs, Baker (3), Temple (5), Martin (6) and Buckston; WP: Kopp; LP: Sachs; 2B: NE, Dolan, Miller; 3B: NE, Dolan.

Other score

South Western 7, Bermudian Springs 0 (Forfeit).


WLTPGlen Rock142028 Jefferson127024Mount Wolf106121Manchester98018Stoverstown98018 Shiloh77115Dover710014Pleasureville31206 Dillsburg21304
Pleasureville0100000—1 51Stoverstown101141x—8 92

P: Fisher, Castro (6) and Kirkpatrick; S: Kauffman, Spangler (7) and Botts; WP: Kauffman; LP: Fisher; 2B: S, Warner; 3B: P, Castro. S, Warner.

Mount Wolf1000010—2 92Glen Rock030000x—3 60

MW: Hoff and Kuhn; GR: Gonzalez and Young; WP: Gonzalez; LP: Hoff; 2B: MW, Myers. GR, T. Miller, J. Heyne, Anderson.

Manchester0110031—6 80Dover0000012—3 71

M: Houseal and Nye; DO: Rogerson, Klinefelter (7), Glass (7) and Slater; WP: Houseal; LP: Rogerson; 2B: DO, Drawbaugh, Zarilla, T. Raber; HR: M, Kelly.