Local baseball standings

York Dispatch
Local baseball

Susquehanna league

WLPct.Jacobus161.941East Prospect162.889Hallam138.619Conrads119.550York Township913.409Stewartstown812.400Red Lion711.389Windsor515.250Felton216.111
Jacobus2010002—5 100Windsor0000000—0 50

J: Crowe and Austin; W: Myers, Bacon (7) and Kitzmiller; WP: Crowe; LP: Myers; 2B: J, Calaman, Kelley. W, Thompson.

Red Lion 002 00 — 2 7 1 Conrads 142 1x — 8 8 0

RL: Tyson, Bre. Taylor (3) and Bra. Taylor; C: Knaub and Yourgal; WP: Knaub; LP: Tyson; HR: C, Berkstresser, Gideon.

Hallam0000000—0 11East Prospect000101x—2 31

H: Ruth and McNeil; EP: Yunginger, McVeigh (5) and Schauren; WP: McVeigh; LP: Ruth.

Felton0100001—2 70York Township000001x—1 20

F: D. Gohn and L. Whitman; YT: Peters and Fagnani; WP: Gohn; LP: Peters; 2B: F, Daugherty.


WLTPGlen Rock132026 Jefferson127024Mount Wolf105121Manchester88016Stoverstown88016 Shiloh77115Dover79014Pleasureville31106 Dillsburg21304
Manchester0000500—5 50Stoverstown1100200—4 71

M: Nye, K. Reeser (6) and Robinson; S: Lehman and Botts; WP: Nye; LP: Lehman; 2B: M, Sepic, L. Allison.

Shiloh0010000—1 43Dover151001x—8 90

S: Smith, Stover (5) and Bortner; DO: Smyser and Higgins; WP: Smyser; LP: Smith; HR: DO, Miller.

Jefferson 1012000—4 61Glen Rock013121x—8 111

J: Moul, Bossom (4) and Lear; GR: Houser, Cicio (6) and Young; WP: Houser; LP: Moul; 2B: GR, Hood, Cicio; 3B: GR, Merkel; HR: GR, Merkel.


WLTPNortheastern151045South Western120137Pleasureville132039 Dallastown123036 Red Lion85024 Glen Rock73021 New Oxford64119Wrightsville66018Dover67018 Shiloh68018Hanover56015Bermudian48012 Suburban York410012 York411012Spring Grove2506 Gettysburg21106Stewartstown21206Dillsburg01200
Bermudian0000000—0 31Shiloh0310000—4 42

B: H. Rang, Wicker (6) and A. Rang; S: Zinn and Sheffer; WP: Zinn; LP: H. Rang; 2B: S, Seiffert; 3B: S, Sheffer.

Dallastown 100 735 — 16 12 2 Suburban York 000 030 — 3 4 2

DT: DeMarco, Golden (5), Schuler (5), Moats (6) and Holtzapple; SY: Miller, Day (4), Mowrey (5) and Wolfenberger; WP: DeMarco; LP: Miller; 2B: DT, Sommerville, Maher; 3B: DT, Golden, Maher; HR: DT, Schuler.

Spring Grove121000—4Pleasureville316004—14

SG: Sager, Schuhart (3) and Hoiles; P: Smeltzer, Davis (5) and C. Parks; WP: C. Smeltzer; LP: Schuhart; 3B: SG, Baker. P, A. Reed.

Other Score

Dover 7, Wrightsville 0 (forfeit)