Believe it or not: Fired Weis is highest paid coach on Notre Dame's payroll

Associated Press

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — Charlie Weis remained the highest paid coach on Notre Dame's payroll despite being fired by the university following the 2009 season, earning nearly twice as much as Brian Kelly, the man who replaced him as football coach.

The university paid Weis, who was fired as coach at Kansas last September, $2,054,744, according to figures included in Notre Dame's most recent IRS documents for the fiscal year that ended June 30, 2014. That's the same amount Weis received the previous three years after receiving an initial payment of $6.6 million from Notre Dame after being fired. The university says in the documents the payments continue through December.

Kelly was paid a base salary of $995,244 and his total pay from the university was $1.18 million. That's up $297,104 from his base pay a year earlier, although his overall pay was down from $1.46 million the season before. That's in part because he earned $607,200 in bonus and incentive pay during fiscal 2012 while leading the Irish to a berth in the national championship game and just $7,200 in 2013, when the Irish finished 9-4.

The form notes "the current head football coach is permitted to receive compensation from external sources with prior written approval from the university."

Athletic director Jack Swarbrick had a base pay of $808,240 and earned $1.35 million, up from $1.14 million a season earlier. Men's basketball coach Mike Brey had a base salary of $767,908 and earned $992,264, up from $806.488 a year earlier. Women's basketball coach Muffet McGraw had a base pay of $828,295 and earned $1.26 million, up from of $1.058 million the year before.