Write in Ryan Supler for York City School Board: Letter

Shannon Conaway-Garcia
York City

It's that time of year when we make our ways to the local polls and cast our votes for individuals to represent us. One of those positions is for the York City School Board. This year, I will be writing in Ryan Supler for school director. Ryan is running because he believes public education is a human right. Ryan is a huge activist for human rights, serving as the third VP of the York NAACP, a CASA member, an Outreach and Emergency Shelter Committee member for the York County Coalition on Homelessness, and working as the on-site supervisor for the Code Blue Overflow Program. Ryan Supler was recently named interim director for the Caring Ministry at First Presbyterian Church of York.

Ryan Supler is one of three individuals who has announced their candidacy for York City Council.

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Believing the entire community shares in the responsibility for, and benefits of, a world-class public education, Ryan brings the energy, experience, community connections and commitment to bring positive change. Ryan is dependable and shows up. He is aware of the issues that our community and our students face. I see him putting in the time and effort to work toward addressing these issues. Ryan is one of those guys you feel like you have known your whole life even though you know you haven't. There isn't a community event or meeting that I can think of that I haven't bumped into Ryan. For these reasons, on May 16 I will be circling in the bubble that says write-in and writing down who I am voting for: Ryan Supler.