Re-elect Prothonotary Allison Blew: Letter

Mindy Bouman
Codorus Township

Many of you may not know this, but our current prothonotary, Allison Blew, has made our York County Prothonotary's Office actually profitable, as it now generates revenue to the county budget.

Most government offices cost the taxpayers money, but because of the efficiency of her office, and utilizing e-filing, Allison was able to cut her office's budget to the point of it contributing approximately $1,000 or more per month to the county's other expenses.

Prothonotary Allison Blew speaks during the spring Naturalization Ceremony at York County Administrative Center in York City, Thursday, March 23, 2023. Dawn J. Sagert photo

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As a local business owner, the terms "positive cash flow" and "return on investment" speak volumes, and I'll be voting for Allison Blew in May, and again in November, and I hope you do, too. What other government offices do you know that not only do not cost us anything, but generate money for us?