Vote Democrat down the line: Letter

Lawrence Goldman
York Township

If you ask me why I vote Democrat down the line every year, I can give you many reasons. First and foremost, I have a social conscience. I believe it is our moral obligation to help those less fortunate and those who are unable to help themselves. I don't even consider this ethic to be part of a political agenda; however, it is part of the Democratic party platform. I believe it's just part of being empathetic, thoughtful and caring.     

If those children who are eating a healthy breakfast and getting a decent education (thanks to social services), grow up to vote Republican, I couldn't care less. Everything is cyclical and what goes around comes around. As long as there are twice as many "leaning" Democrats than Republicans, I can always hold onto hope. 

At the York Princess Center polling place in York, Pa on Tuesday, May 17, 2022.

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I believe in taxes. Social programs cost money. Anyone who wants lower taxes has a selfish point of view. People are born into poverty every day without choice. Don't others better off have an obligation to pay their fair share to help these children grow up with hope for the future? Of course they do, but people in the suburbs don't want their tax money going to people of color in the city in the form of welfare. 

I believe in a "social safety net." People get laid off every day. Can you just imagine the effect on families if they couldn't receive unemployment compensation? It's common knowledge that the Republicans want to dismantle every known social program existing today.

Finally, I believe in transparency in government. This is a stated value of the Democratic party platform. The other party believes in the obfuscation of truth and the art of the cover up. Vote Democrat down the line in November.