Took courage for Fetterman to debate after stroke: Letter

Diane Phillips

After watching the Fetterman-Oz debate, it’s clear that the format doesn’t serve anyone well — not the candidates and certainly not the voters.

In hindsight, the Fetterman campaign should not have agreed to a debate. For a person recovering from a stroke, it is a set-up for failure. Neurologists recommend that recovering persons take time to formulate their responses.

There are other ways to assess how John is doing. Rapid-fire questions don’t tell us if he can connect with constituents, understand policy issues or advocate for Pennsylvanians. He can do all three.

The debate between U.S. Senate candidates Dr. Mehmet Oz and John Fetterman shown on screens in the media tent outside ABC27 in Harrisburg, Tuesday, Oct. 25, 2022. The event would be the only debate held between the two candidates competing for a seat in the U.S. Senate before the election just two weeks away. Dawn J. Sagert/The York Dispatch

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I’ve watched people weigh in on John’s performance. Pat Toomey sent a disparaging tweet in the middle of the debate. Recovery from a stroke is different for everyone. It took courage for Fetterman to be in the debate with a physical challenge. Across the country many — including the media — had a voyeuristic interest in what might happen on stage to the guy with the stroke.

Mehmet Oz is a carpetbagger. Why does a surgeon/TV personality from another state want to insert himself into Pennsylvania politics? Don’t believe for a minute that it’s about Pennsylvanians.

John Fetterman took his worst health day and said, I’m going to learn from this and I’m not giving up. He has courage. He believes in himself and Pennsylvanians.

I am voting for Fetterman, not the carpetbagger. By January, John will be even more prepared for the job, but Oz will still be from New Jersey. Vote for the guy who actually cares about us.