Mike Jones is out of touch. Vote for Rodkey

Blade Kline
York County

All candidates were invited to a forum held by the NAACP York Chapter on Oct. 11. This well-organized event gave voters an opportunity to learn more about candidates and their positions. Evidently, it was also an opportunity for state Rep. Mike Jones to demonstrate how out of touch he is with reality.

Jones spent much of his time at the forum attacking public schools, teachers and the unions that represent them. At one point, Jones insisted that schools are not underfunded, a statement that anyone who is not willfully ignorant can recognize as categorically false. One needs only to visit any school building or talk with any educator to understand that our public schools are sorely underfunded but do their absolute best with what funding they are given by the state – funding that sitting legislators like Jones control.

93rd Senate district candidate Rep.Mike Jones at the NAACP York Branch's candidates forum in York on Tuesday, Oct. 11, 2022.

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Jones later likened public schools to a business, stating that if any business was failing, one would not continue throwing money at it. This may be shocking for people like Jones to learn, but our public schools are not a business and investing in our children’s future is not throwing away money.

Jones should spend more time in a public school, then maybe he could be educated in the challenges facing teachers and students. The choice on Nov. 8 is clear – expel Mike Jones and vote Chris Rodkey to represent the 93rd House District.