Write in 'Stan Saylor' to block extremist

James Astor
Red Lion

In 2022, Republican far-right extremists hijacked GOP primaries all over the country. In Pennsylvania’s 94th House District, they succeeded in ousting a conservative, moderate Republican who has worked diligently for all the constituents for decades.

The 94th has no alternative Democrat on the ballot, so I encourage all Democrats, and true Republicans, who believe in the Rule of Law, believe in Democracy, and who want a representative who will represent their interests to write in Stanley Saylor. 

The 94th doesn't need an election denier and a political neophyte who may well become another Marjorie Taylor Greene, ranting and raving against perceived inequities instead of working for the betterment of all the constituents.

Longtime state Reps. Saylor, Gillespie lose Republican primary races

Rep. Stan Saylor speaking alongside Gov. Tom Wolf in York county's new state park on Forge Lane in York County on Tuesday, Sept. 27, 2022.