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Send traitorous scofflaw packing in Pennsylvania's 10th District: Letter

Mark E. Counsman
Camp Hill

Scott Perry, give me a call.

Oh, that’s right, the FBI has your phone.

Driving on Carlisle Road outside of Dillsburg, I saw several signs (Scott Perry for Congress). They depict him as a “businessman, soldier and leader.”

What I noticed missing was “insurrectionist.” Scott Perry is knee deep in the plot to overthrow our government and the election of 2020.

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Based on conspiracy theories and misguided information, he was willingly ready to stop the certification of the vote and the will of the American people.

Come this November I can only pray that his constituents see him for what he really is, un-American.

For those who are truly God-fearing people, I pray that you see through the sham perpetrated by Perry and his compadres.

Make your decision to vote for a candidate whose purpose is in the best interest of Pennsylvanians and not for a traitorous scofflaw.