Rodkey is hands down best choice in 93rd District: Letter

Mary Barnes
Springfield Township
Chris Rodkey, who is pastor of St. Paul's United Church of Christ in Dallastown, and is running for state representative in the 93rd district, speaks during a rally of more than 150 teachers and community members outside Dallastown Area High School in York Township, Wednesday, Aug. 10, 2022. The rally was held just before the Dallastown Area School District School Board would return to contract negotiations with the Dallastown Area Education Association. Three of Rodkey’s four children attend school in the district. Dawn J. Sagert photo

Thank goodness I have a choice. Not all York County residents do. But in my 93rd State House District I’ll be able to choose between Chris Rodkey and Mike Jones on Election Day. I can choose between a defender of free and fair elections and the sanctity of the right to vote or a 2020 election denier (who, by the way, didn’t question his own election result), and is someone who’s actually trying to suppress voting rights, like getting rid of mail-in balloting.

I can choose between someone who has pledged to meet with his constituents regularly or an incumbent who has been AWOL. I know Chris, by his nature, will actively participate in Harrisburg while I lament Mike Jones’s noted absences there, attending FreePa (a hub of extremist false information) or Stop The Steal events instead.

I’ve seen Chris working inside as a judge of elections at the polls while, with outside money, Mr. Jones was supporting extremist candidates in the primaries who challenged local, longstanding Republican legislators.

This isn’t a hard choice, it’s a clear one. Hands down I’ll support Pastor Rodkey and urge all my neighbors and beyond in the 93rd District, whatever their affiliation, to do the same. I prefer being represented rather than being dismissed. I prefer my House member in Harrisburg to be pro-Democracy rather than one who, by his actions, shows he disdains Democracy, feels it is simply overrated.

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